Written by dave

20 Jul 2012

wednesday evening the wife and i finally went to our first sex club we had talked about it for ages and i wanted to see her fuck other men so she finally agreed.the club is in the midlands anyway we arrived and it was a single guys night, we changed into robes when we got there and the wife went to room with a low bed in and seating around the room, i took the small cubicle with a glass front and sat down to see what she would do,she started to put on a show as a few guys began to enter the room, it didnt take long before she was striped out of her robe and two guys began licking her tits and cunt, i couldnt believe what she was doing and my cock got hard,another guy gave her his cock to suck which she took down her throat, the guy licking her cunt had a hard on and started to fuck her with hard strokes another two guys held her legs open as he unloaded into her,the guy she was sucking spunked into her mouth and then another two guys took there place, i was watching and wanking and feeling really horny, i decided to go in search of a fuck myself and found another girl quite plump in another cubicle she had just been fucked so i took over she had a full spunky cunt and it didnt take long for me to unload into her,

The feeling was so erotic and by now i was watching a room full of guys fucking and wanking over the wife, she was in the cubicle until closing time and when she came out she said she had fucked at least twenty seven guys she said about a shower but i said no just get dressed and we headed home,when we got in we were talking about the evening she said she really enjoyed it and as i kissed her spunky breath she said she wants to do it again and also go dogging,i have agreed as we got into bed her swollen pussy still wet and sore from cock i asked her to sit on my face where i proceded to clean her out the feeling of drinking so much spunk from her used cunt had me begging to fuck her which i did for most of the night with her cunt so wet and stretched i cum up her another three times.She has also said she wants guys to wank into a glass so i can watch her drink it down, also she wants to fuck guys at home while i watch, i have agreed as long as she goes bareback and works as a whore for me when i want her to street walk as a prostitute, our sex life since one night in the club has become fantastic and long may it continue.