14 Jul 2017

I have been reading the stories some people have been submitting and decided I would share our first experience at a naturist \ swingers club

it was about 12 years ago now but the memory is still fresh ,

after visiting erotica ( sex show ) we was thumbing through some of the literature one night in bed when we found an advert for a club in haywards heath called Hamshaws or the Brighton sun club as it was called

party nights sat night couples only

so we looked at each other and decided that we would go for it as we had been talking about swapping and playing for a number of years

so the big night arrives Mrs two looks wow in little black number x stockings x heels x no bra ( she has big erect nipples ) theses are clearly on view thru her dress . I like it when she gets attention .

we arrive later than expected as getting lost was not part of the agenda lol it was hard to find tucked out of the way down country roads

not concentrating in the car on the journey down as we was getting carried away with the anticipation of the unknown and of what we wanted to happen

as we arrive we can see the pool lights and hear laughter over the high fence panels but cant see anything except the steam coming up from the heated pool ( might have been body heat ha ha )

walking through the entrance was greeted by a member of staff sat behind glass window with a slot at the bottom to pass the cash thru ( but my eyes were fixed on her huge tits ) as she sat there giving us the house rules , then passed towels though the slot at bottom of the window

we had just spent hours getting ready looking hot and sexy ( well Mrs two did ) and were told we have to strip off and wander naked or in a towel

so we brave it and go thru . the place is packed ,all different shapes and sizes , ages , and genders, the spa is superb , I would say like a modern updated roman spa

we wander around getting looks from all quarters , but we soon find out its us being newbies lol

we find the hot tubs , there packed with about 30 people in it ( its a big tub ) mini swimming pool

we decide to wander around to find the play room x we walk the dark corridors

we stop to look though a window , we see 2 cples in the room playing , we enjoy the view so stayed a while watching

Mrs two puts her hand on my arse cheek a little squeeze I know She's enjoying it

in the corner of my eye I catch a black guy ( fit ) about 25 year old walking towards us he stops behind us peering over us to look in the room

I move to one side just a little so he can get a better look

thanks he said , but he is nearer Mrs two but behind her she feels his breath on her neck almost like invading her space

she don't object , neither do I , I notice his arm around her waist ( I'm frozen ) I don't know if I should stop him or not

I don't , I let him carry on , I look at him giving him approval x

his hand now moves down over her bum to the bottom of her short towel , his hand slips under, he don't take is eyes from the room , but he's working his hand on Mrs two arse . she looks over at me , I approve , she parts her legs for him

she gasps as his fingers open her lips and are pushed deep in to her very wet cunt he has moved behind her , I can see though his towel he had a huge hard on , she can feel it, she thrust back at him he fingers her and cups her tit she arches back at him he is kissing her neck , she is loving it , I get closer to them , I feel her other tit , bend my head and suck her engorged nipple

, she looks at me , go get a room , she orders . I find a vacant room , I call them over , he still has his towel on but I see her rubbing his cock thru the towel I'm as turned on as them two and now were going to get a room

I shut the door behind us

they start to kiss , Mrs two kissing a total stranger a fit 20 something black guy wow I stand to one side , I want to watch

Mrs two knows I like that , she plays the roll , I want you to watch me fuck him , would you like that ? she knows the answer , but for his sake I say yes , I want to watch you fuck him

she tugs at his towel it falls to the floor revelling a very impressive cock at least 9" and thick , and already fully erect

she falls to her knees and takes him in hand , well in her mouth actually lol

her hair is up so I can see she is taking a good mouthful , his eyes are closed he is moaning and his arse cheeks are clenched

she's looking at me giving me a real slut look , I love it , I'm wanking ,watching my slut wife with a total stranger eating his black cock

she is sucking away , cupping his balls I see her finger finding its way to his arse ( she enjoys that )

his breathing gets harder , he's moaning louder , he shouts he's about to cum she don't stop sucking she is in squat position on the floor a black cock about to cum in her mouth , she has a finger up her own wet cunt and she gushes as he pumps his load in to her eager mouth , it spills out drops on her tits ,

I look at my slut wife , I want some , the black guy thanks us , he leaves us , I shut the door , Mrs two still has his cum on her tis and on her chin, but my hard on is in need of some relief

she tells me to stand in front of her while she starts to tell me while looking up at me about his blk cock filling her mouth and how nice it felt , and his cum tasted good ( she knows I like that )

it was to much for me , I wanked of over her face , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I fell on the bed panting , she straddled my face facing my now limp cock as she cleaned me up , I was eating her wet cunt and loving it

we didn't even get his name ,,,,

sorry if this went on a bit , but hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

please comment , and I might put up some more of our exploits

thanks xxxx Mr two