Written by gerry

4 Jul 2014

I have written about my cock happy wife Chris, now I'll relate a story about my first wife Gloria. She was unlike Chris, smaller and more petite, lovely figure. Quite demure really, quiet and not slutty like Chris. Really enjoyed sex and having the attention of men. One afternoon she rang me and said that she had been asked out for a drink after work by a surveyor who used to call on her boss. He had been asking her out for awhile but agreed this time. He picked her up from her office and took her to a local pub. She had a couple of glasses of wine and felt relaxed. When they left and walked to his car he put his arm round her waist which surprised her as sex hadn't been mentioned at all. She thought how difficult it was going to be for him to remove her trousers as they were so tight. Once in the car he kissed her and touched her breast over her blouse. He then drove to a quiet spot down in the dock area.

He kissed her passionately, his tongue rolling around hers as he lowered the reclining seats so she was lying flat. He unbuttoned her blouse and removed it along with her bra. She didn't have big tits but nice firm ones. She didnt stop him at all as she said she quite fancied and hadn't had extramarital sex for sometime. As he was caressing her breasts she moved her hand up his thigh and felt him getting hard. She unzipped his fly and he unbuckled his belt and undid the clasp, pulling them and his pants over his thighs. She said his cock was hard as she wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft. She was looking forward to having it pushed up inside her cunt.

Then he asked to suck it and she went down on him and took his knob in her mouth, rolling her tongue around it and over his piss hole. He groaned and told her it felt so good. She liked sucking cock so enjoyed it too. Then, as she thought, he had difficulty removing her trousers and she had to help and as they came off her panties also came official with them. She now lay there naked ready to be fucked and wanting him to fuck her. He went down her body with his tongue, over her tummy and between her legs. She enjoyed having her cunt licked and she got very wet as his tongue flicked over her sensitive clit. He slipped a couple of fingers into her cunt which really turned her on. Then he moved on top of her and eased his hard cock inside her wet cunt. He groaned with pleasure as he entered her and she pushed up to help him. She told me it felt so good as he began to slowly fuck her. She felt his shaft stretching her open as he thrust fully inside her. She raised her knees up alongside her tits so she could take every inch, probably 8, up inside her. When rammed it right up she said she felt his balls pushing against her bottom. Then he began fucking her really hard, grunting as he did so. She said he brought her to climax, making her cry out. Then groaned and said he was coming and gave one final thrust and keeping his cock fully impaled. Inside her cunt he proceeded to pump his spunk inside her. She said it felt good feeling his hard cock throbbing as he pumped his cum into her. He collapsed on top of her naked body and they lay quietly both getting their breath back before getting dressed.

In bed that night was when she told what had taken place and I had good hard on and fucked her and gave her another cunt full of sperm.