Written by missbigbboobs

4 Sep 2007

cont from monday....

when we got up stairs i went to go into my living quarters,, No you don't they both said at the same time your coming with us,, I was glad as i hated being on my own, and i like a good fuck in the morning..

we went into the room which has a four poster bed,, i knew it well as my partner and i have had many a hot session on it.... some of them with a few men at the same time , but tell you about that later.

he lay on the bed and told us to do a strip for him, we were only too happy to oblige,, me and Linda sat on the end of the bed kissing, teasing our body's against one another. then started to slowly strip each other, bill took out his cock and started wanking, Best stripper gets it first he laughed.. but we were too rapped up in each other to pay any attention to him.. and let him carry on watching and wanking.. our bras were off and we were fondling each others breasts caressing, kissing, licking and sucking them rubbing against each others.

we took it in turns to have a quick suck at his cock, teasing him.. then giving him a show that made him cum at least 5 times that night.

i nipped out to my room and brought back a few toys, strap on dildo stuff like that, i took hand cuffs out the bag and we hand cuffed his wrists behind his back then blindfolded

him, that was after we stripped him we turned him on his belly and i strapped on the dildo. she got on her hands and knees, Begin for me to take her first , i smothered her ass with lubricant then started pocking her with the huge black dildo, slowly i made my way into her ass, i little at a time she was squealing for me to thrust it in, so i did feeling round for her clit as i did, i rubbed gently on it at first then working her up to a frenzy i fucked her ass as i rubbed her clit, sticking my fingers in her socking wet pussy. i fucked her stupid as she came and came again and again, squealing and shouting fuck me fuck me.. her man lay face down not seeing anything but he knew what was happening as he shouted to be fucked next.. but we were no way giving him the pleasure we wanted each other not him...

i slid the dildo out when she finished cumin 5 times.. and stuck it in her pussy , her moist juicy pussy. her lovely tasty pussy.

i lay on top of her.. breasts meeting rubbing against each other fucking her puss with the dildo.. kissing her ,, i loved kissing her. exploring her mouth sucking her tongue. i almost came myself.. but stopped to enjoy what i had cumin to me.. she came again this time showering me with her cum.. i licked the dildo with her sweat cum then we lay side by side teasing her man rubbing his back with the soaking dildo letting him smell and taste his wife's cum..

i looked round, she had fell asleep.. exhasted,, well it will have to be the man then i thot,, sliding over the large bed , i reached for his cock and it went as stiff as a board,, i started wanking him as i slid the dildo inside him slowly fucking him,, he moaned with pleasure as it went in and out of his ass, faster and faster i wanked and fucked his ass,,, he soon shot his load all over my hand, i wiped it over my pussy and face then turned him over and climbed onto his still hard cock.. i rode him for an age, he pulled at my breasts. streching my nipples so hard , he sucked them and bit them.. all the time i cud feel his huge cock inside me.. then i came the best biggest ever cum i had ever..had . i just kept cumming and as i came he shot another load this time deep in my pussy ,, it was squelching now.. we lay back and fell into a deep sleep......

phew this is when we fell asleep.. more to cum.