Written by Pantypaul

27 Apr 2018

I am a 58 yr old guy who loves the feel of tights on his legs. Slipping on a pair and my cock goes rock hard. I always have them on. Under my jeans when I go out is a must. When my Mrs ladders her tights, I take them and cut the legs off and use them like boxers, the horniest boxers ever. The material is so horny.

The other day I needed some shorts for my holidays, so I went in to Manchester to find some .As usual I had a pair of tan tights on under my jeans, it felt good. Every now and then I would slip my hand under my waist band and pull my tights up. I could feel the material pulling on my cock. I found some shorts I liked so I looked for the changing room. Eventually I found it and a young guy said "cubicle 2, need any help give me a shout" I took my shoes and jeans off and stood there in my tshirt and tights. I looked in the mirror and rubbed my clad legs. Fuck I was getting horny. I slipped my tights down and then pulled them up so they were all snug and tight. My cock was now getting erect, with the effect of the material.

Next minute the curtain opened and the assistant stood there and looked at me. "I think you need a lift with that" He came closer and rubbed my cock through my tights, I was now oozing precum. He took my cock and sucked the precum through my tights, then slid them down and slipped my cock in to his warm mouth. his hand was caressing my clad covered bottom. I put my hand on his head and fucked his mouth. It wasnt long before I squirted three big jets of cum in his mouth. My cock slipped from his mouth and he swallowed all of my cum juices, he did not spill a drop. I went to grab his cock but he pulled away and left the changing room. I got dressed and went to pay for my purchases. "Everything to your satisfaction, sir, there is a Email adress to let us know how we did on your receipt"

Of course I gave him ten out of ten.