19 Apr 2018

After a few minutes Maria turned her head towards me, and with a tired smile waved me over and whispered "sorry for fighting with you, fuck me please" I pulled Bob to one side, positioned myself behind her and slid into her cum filled pussy. Every time I'd withdraw, more of Bobs cum would drip out of her, but made it so nice and slippery pushing back in. It was so erotic and I was so turned on, that within a few minutes I couldn't hold back and added my cum to Bobs, then slipped out leaving her laying across the sofa and joined Bob in a sleep.

We must have slept for what seemed hours, and I for one didn't hear the door open, but the two other roommates arrived, and seeing a sleeping Maria laying over the sofa, quietly lifted her off and laid her crossways on one of the empty beds.

I heard more giggling and soft moaning, and opened my eyes to see Bob and Kenny sitting watching Maria again being 'spit roasted'

When they too had filled her both ends they helped her into the communal showers to the surprise of fellow soldiers and cleaned her up.

We all got dressed, had a coffee, kissed, and shook hands and were even given a lift back home.

We had a lovely leave together, but sadly, not long after we parted.....we are still friends though and often laugh about it.