Written by hubby

18 Sep 2007

my story starts with a trip on a rare english hot day to our local swimming baths a place we call the flash its nr welshpool a small town in wales. There is a large pool with rapids etc a big slide and best of all a jaccuzi big enough for about 20 adults. Sue and i were in the jaccuzi and i was doing my best to touch her up and get her tits out we were on our own at this stage,after a while a chap came into the jaccuzi and sat in the corner looking straight towards sue her top was under the bubbles so i pulled her bikini top open so her nipples would be on view if she sat up obove the bubbles. I sat nr to the wall pretending to look down into the big pool and under the water gave her a nudge at this sue sat up a little so our guest could see her tits and out of the corner of my eye i could see he was having a good look , sue kept bobbing up and down teasing him and me. Then he moved nearer to sue and started talking to her asking if she was local etc and sue still hadn,t put her tits away, he then said she had lovely nips at this i started to get very excited my heart almost leaping out of my chest. This is when sue said he put his hands on her tit under the bubbles and pulled her nipples i couldn,t see this at first but sue sat up and i could see then , sue then said she slid her hand over to his crotch and found he already had his dick out and was wanking she took over from him. I moved over a bit so they could not be seen if anyone came in this was when he said he wasn,t far of cummin so sue sped up a bit and he lifted out of the water i could see he had quiet a fair weapon on him sue leant forward and our guest stuck it in her mouth moments later he came covering her face with spunk what she couldn,t swallow ran down her front and i rubbed it into her tits he then thanked us and got out we did see him after in the changing rooms but thats another story. if your at the flash and my wife shows you her tits just make sure its sue before you get stuck in you never know this is 100% true i know i was there