26 Feb 2016

I have always loved my wife to flash especially to old men but it's surprising the number that do not look or notice .

We have tried the usual of leaving the curtain slightly open in charity shop changing rooms and sitting in cafes so that the old men can see up her skirt. She usually wears hold ups and no knickers and is really not very careful about how she sits sometimes....

We recently found another way to flash and I find it incredibly horny....escalators.

The best place so far has been a Wilko store in town and she times it so that she gets on to the escalator just before an old man. She makes sure she is about 3 or 4 steps in front of him and then bends over to adjust her shoe. Her pussy is right at his eye level and he can see her pussy lips which are about 2 feet in front of him. I f he reached out he could touch it but of course that isn't going to happen.

I get on behind him so can see him looking and I can see what he can see.

One day this week she did that about 6 times within about half an hour and I love to watch the old men's faces as they stare at her as she walks off. She usually looks at them out of the corner of her eye and has seen several rubbing their cocks as they are watching.

A bit tame compared to some of the stories on here but still we find it very horny.

Always looking for new ways to 'accidentally' flash the oldies. Any suggestions?