Written by Anon

10 Dec 2009

Working a shift pattern which gives me time off in the week, and being seperated I often go in to my local town stopping off in a coffee shop, just people watching really. I'd noticed a woman who was there often, alone like me and after a while we started chatting and sitting together. She was about my age, mid 50's, attractive, dark short hair, about 5' 7", her figure looked OK but she normally wore longish skirts and tops so it was difficult to tell. She came to town because she was lonely, having moved here with her husbands job, he was away all the time and she didn't know many people. We'd meet most days until a few weeks later there was a huge downpour and I offered her a lift home which she accepted.

She invited me in and soon as the door was closed she turned and kissed me and said "I've wanted to do that. I've been wondering how to get you here since we met". I kissed her back telling her I felt the same as she led me to the lounge. She kissed me again as she undid my shirt and loosened my trousers. She moved back, pulling her top over her head, revealing a bra which supported her small breasts but didn't even cover her nipples. I pushed my trousers to the floor releasing my hard cock as she dropped her skirt, she was wearing stockings and suspenders, high heels but no knickers covering her hairy cunt. She saw me looking and explained that she felt naughty and sexy going out in erotic underwear, with her pussy uncovered. I pulled her to me and parted her legs pushing my toungue into her slit, tasting her juices and nibbling her erect clit. She was pushing against my tongue ready to be fucked, kneeling on the chair she lowered herself on to my cock with me moving to penetrate her. She was desperate for a fucking, moving up and down hard and fast, leaning forward for me to suck her tits as she frigged her clit. She came grinding her cunt on my cock, me still thrusting into her, while she grunted she wanted my spunk in her. I managed to keep going and she orgasmed again as I came in her cunt. She later sucked me hard and we fucked in her bed.

After that she would come to my house and we fucked several times a week. She still went out without her knickers, saying it made her wet people not knowing, and fantasising about accidentally flashing her naked pussy. I got thinking about this and wondered how far she would be willing to go, I suggested we go away to a hotel for a couple of days. She agreed and I went and bought some clothes for her to wear.

We booked in, went to our room and, as she showered, I asked her to shave her pussy. She'd layed out her clothes on the bed, so I removed the skirt and top and replaced them with the ones I'd bought. She saw what I'd done, putting on her stockings and suspenders, no panties or bra. The skirt was above the knee and wrapped over, held by a button and the top was black, sheer and see through. She looked in the mirror and said "Everyone will be able to see my tits and stockings if I'm not careful". I took her arm saying "You want to be more adventurous. We'll stop now if you like". She opened the door and we headed for the restaurant, she was a bit self conscious at first, but after a couple of glasses of wine relaxed and commented how sexy she felt knowing that the other diners could see her tits. We finished our meals then went to the bar.

We stood at the the bar drinking as we looked around, noticing a bloke of about 35 sat by himself, who was openly stareing at her. I gave it a few minutes and guided her to the table next to his and we sat with our backs to the room facing him. She sat, her skirt parting as she crossed her legs showing her stockings, she moved to cover them but I put my hand on hers to stop her and rested it on her thigh, moving the skirt to reveal the flesh above. He was watching closely as I stroked her leg, getting a little higher each time. She whispered "You're making me wet. Are you going to stop. He'll be able to see my pussy". I replied "This is why you don't wear panties. You've been wanting to flash your pussy at strangers. Do you want me to stop?" "No, don't. My clits tingling already." she said. I told her to uncross her legs then flipped her skirt open to the waist, her smooth, shaved pussy on view to the man who couldn't tear his eyes away. I placed my hand on her mound just touching her clit which sent a shudder through her. No one else had noticed, So I moved my hand lower, "Open your legs. He can't see properly". She parted them a couple of inches and I ran a finger along her slit. Her cunt was drenched. "You'll have to spread them wider. He can't see how wet you are. How desperate your cunt is for a hard stiff cock. Show him how much you need to be fucked". She had relaxed and opened her legs wider, I felt her pussy lips part revealing the inside of her wet pink cunt to him, as I fingered her, holding her open.

We could see he had an erection as he smiled at her. I slipped two fingers in her and slowly wanked her causing her to gasp she was cumming. I stopped, "Do you want him to come to our room so we can both fuck you?". She mumbled "Yes, quick ask him". He heard the conversation and just nodded. I gave him the room number, continuing to wank her pussy, as she tried not to draw attention as she made little groaning noises, until I'd made her cum, juices leaking on my fingers which I gave her to lick before we got up to leave. She was so aroused she didn't notice, that as we left, her skirt was still open, we walked out the bar and through reception with her pussy exposed, her cunt shineing with juices.

In the room she took off her skirt and top and laid on the bed facing the door with her legs spread wide and her fingers in her cunt masturbating. He arrived and at the sight of her began to undress. We both stripped and got on the bed, he went down on her licking her pussy, tasting her juices as she moaned that she wanted to be fucked, lifting her bum off the bed, pressing her cunt against his face, fingering her clit hard. I lent over her sucking and stroking her nipples as she reached a hand out gripping and wanking my cock. She was pushing hard against his tongue groaning she was cumming as she clamped his head between her thighs as she came. While she was still cumming we flipped her over and he penetrated her from behind, stretching her cunt as his cock slid in and I lifted her mouth to my cock and pushed it against her lips. She took me in her mouth, sucking hard, taking me deeper as he banged her. Her body was slick as beads of perspiration trickled down her back from the exertion as she pressed back on the cock filling her cunt and I pumped my prick in and out of her mouth. He was going at her faster and harder then with a shout he spurted his cum in her cunt, he gave a few more thrusts and she orgasmed again. I pulled out and knelt by her. She'd told me she had never had anal sex. I whispered in her ear "I'm going to fuck you up the arse. If you're ready for it, get comfortable". She stuck her bum up and I got in postion, slipping my prick in her cunt first, spitting on my fingers and lubricating her arse. I put my prick to her hole and used fingers to pull her open a little, shoving my cock in, her arse stretching to take me. Using my fingers I smeared cum and the juices from her cunt on my prick and slid in further. Her arse was tight as she pushed back, more sliding in. "Oh god, that's good. Why haven't I done this before" she called as she took my prick fully up her.

Holding her hips, I fucked her arse with her pushing a couple of fingers in her cunt which I felt moving as my cock was tightly gripped. He had pushed his cock in her mouth and she'd got him hard again as he fucked her mouth. I fucked her arse harder, almost pulling out then hard back in my balls slapping her cunt, as shivers went through her body. She was cumming again, my cock up her arse, fingers in her pussy and a cock in her mouth. I thrust in her faster and felt my ejacultion building then my sperm emptying in her arse. She sucked harder on his prick until he came in her mouth. She collapsed forward on the bed rolling on to her back with a smile and satisfied look on her face, her legs still parted, a lovely creampie on view as our spunk leaked out of her fucked holes.

The apparantly, prim, proper, upstanding, middle aged woman, who had sex fantasies now carries them out and is a complete slut. We try and get away atleast once each month and she has become adept at getting strangers to join us and fuck her. She is keen to try and find 4 or 5 men to take her in one session. Her only regret is that she didn't do it sooner. The other thing that amuses her is that her husband is paying for it all with the money he transfers to her account and voluntary increased, when she said it wasn't enough.