Written by newbietwo

13 May 2013

Hi everybody

We,John and Sara,have been members here for some time and often chat in the rooms,however we have never submitted a story before so here is a brief account of a recent experience.Both of us enjoy mutual flashing fun whilst out and about in public from shops to bars,pubs,hotels etc.That thrill of being spotted is hard to repeat anywhere else.

This all started some years earlier but we now have it to a fine art lol and this is what we got up to on friday night(10.5.13).We both work in a fast paced environment and a little sexy release is the perfect antidote,Sara works as a well respected senior university lecturer.Her students and coleagues would never dream of her being involved in this,which all the more fun.

We had booked a hotel for friday night and just prior to meeting her from work i had paid a visit to an adult shop and bought a new vibrator and lube.Making sure i had brought her favourite toy from home.entering the bar we had a couple of drinks but quickly made our way to our room to freshen up.Once showered and changed Sara opened the curtain to find it backed on to some private houses with an older gent sat in his garden,i moved to her back and pinned her to the wall gently moving my hand up her stockinged leg to her trimmed pussy.

`stop it the old boy can see us`but i carried on knowing a little pressure on her clit would make her horny as hell.Within seconds she relented and started to grind back on my now hard cock.The old fella was straining to see but it was very obvious she was reaching orgasm.Just as she started i thrust my cock deep in her and fucked her pussy really hard until we both had shuddering orgasm and fell back onto the bed.

Once recovered we went downstairs to the restaurant and had our meal.Whilst we were there Sara handed me a small key fob with four buttons on it,its our favourite toy.Forget the name of it now but its a remote control clit stimulator,a small button rests on her clit and i control it.Often giving her a buzz when a waiter arrives(she does love the Italian waiters lol).She often gives me a look and i know to ask the waiter back and try to time it for her,she has had some very odd looks when she starts squirming and gently grinding in her chair but its very horny fun.

After our meal we retired to the bar and was pleasently surprised to find it busy but not overly so,we took up our seats and enjoyed some discreet under the table fun when Sara excused herself and went to the ladies whilst i got more drinks.On her return she smiled at me and handed me her knickers which i put in my pocket.She positioned herself facing me but with her back slightly to the side she then lifted her leg to show me her new crotchless tights and trimmed pussy!i pulled my phone out and captured a couple of pics,my cock was straining to be released but i had to make do with fingering her now very wet pussy there and then in the bar.It was too much for me and i told her to meet me outside near our car.It seemed like and eternity but she eventualy came out to our car that was parked in a corner,it was now dark and opened to hatch back pulled her dress up and bent her over with her head in the carand for the second time that evening we fucked like animals.Because of the location and possibilty of being caught we knew it would be an intense fuck and once again we had a thunderous orgasm right there in the car park.

We are just wondering wether to post the pics i took?

Thanks for reading.