5 Nov 2016

Fri night, I'm sat on the bed waiting for a few male friends to pop over as she's getting ready in a tight figure hugging black dress that just about covers her ass, stockings and high heels. She walks over to me and rubs my erect cock through the jeans. We start to kiss and feel each other as the doorbell rings and the first friends arrive. I open the door as she goes to the kitchen. They sit down and she walks in with drinks and puts them on the table bending over slowly to allow her breasts to fall forwards and the dress to lift up. I could see my friends eyes undressing her as she was teasing with pieces of flashing. The bell goes again and I go to answer the door to more friends. As we walk in she's still there flashing her stockings and lace. The new arrivals are served drinks and I head to the kitchen for snacks. She walks in and we are just over each other. She tells me she could feel herself being undressed and fucked by every friend..... She rubs my erect cock as I know I will be giving her a hard erect cock later on.....