Written by Dirtydenise

27 Apr 2018

Hi, just back from a few day in Bristol with my hubby. on the way down on the coach he was asking me what clothes I had fetched for the two nights we were stopping over. One was a short skirt and top and the other was a short dress, neither was too short as I am 55, size 12 and have 36C tits. "Tjghts or stockings" he asked. I told him it was tights. this instantly made him hard, so I gave his cock a little rub.

It was 7 o clock when we arrived, so it was shower and then out. We did a few bars and noticed a lot of the guys were young students. We went in one bar and sat on some high stools,my skirt rode up a bit, showing off a lot of barely black tights. I then noticed four guys looking at my legs, all student types, probably about early twenties. When hubby came back with the drinks, he placed them on the table and said, "nice white panties" I immediately clamped my legs together. He told me my white panties were very visible and looked extreemley horny. "show them a bit more" he said. So as we carried on chatting I slowly opened my legs,little by little. This got their interest again and they were fighting to get the best view. One of them got up and walked past the table and could not keep his eyes off my legs and panties. He was on his way to the loo, as soon as he came back the next one went. They all had turns at walking past and having a good stare. My panties were getting wet at all the attention.I was getting turned on. After half an hour of flashing,we left the bar in search of some music.

We found a bar and it had music on and the clientelle were more our age. Again there was only stools to sit on, so lots of leg on show again. Behind hubby was a guy about 40 facing me, good looking handsome chap. He had noticed my legs and was giving them a good looking up and down. I dont know how to describe it but I was sort of dancing {still sat down} on the stool. I looked down and you could see my tights crotch and my white panties. Hubby looked over the table and said I looked horny. "A guy is looking at my legs, no, not looking he is staring." I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter, I put my hand down and pushed my panties in to my pussy, trying to soak up some of my juices. they were soaking.

I had to go to the loo my tights and panties were wet through. I took my panties off, they had bows at the sides so they were easy to remove. I pulled my tights up and put my panties in my bag. My tights were still damp, but it felt horny and naughty to have no panties on. I sat back on my stool and my admirer was soon back looking at my legs. He was moving a bit nearer to our table to get a better look. When he got within one table away he noticed that there was no white panties to block his view of my pussy. I opened my legs a bit more to give him a good view of my naked pussy. I saw him give his cock a rub, it was turning him on.

"Lets go,he has seen enough of your cunt " hubby said. So I slid off the stool and gave him a good flash of my tights and pussy. As we walked past him I got my panties out of my bag and dropped them on his lap and smiled.

On the way back to the hotel hubby put his hand up my skirt to feel how wet I was, I was still soaking. When we got back to the hotel and in the room I pushed him down on the bed and sat on his face. Still with my tights on, I rubbed them in to his mouth and came. His cock was rock hard now. He pulled my tights off and put them in his mouth, tasting all the nights juices and wanked his cock all over my tits.