Written by JH

16 Oct 2007

My wife of over twenty years is a flight attendant and I had always had a fantasy of her fucking other guys. She thinks this is a bit strange but we accomplished this a few times with four different guys while she was on trips. It had been several years since her last encounter. We both thought this really spiced up our sex lives and had great phone sex while she was gone.

We had not discussed this for quite a while when she went on a three day trip and was to layover in a city that one of the guys she had fucked lived. We got to talking about her encounter with him several years earlier and both got very aroused. She asked if I wanted for her to see if he still lived in this city. She said she remembered fucking him and that he had a rather large uncut dick and pretty good stamina. I remember her filling me in on the details several years earlier. She had not seen or heard from him in many years but checked the phone book and found a listing for him. We decided she would give the number a call but she would let me know before anything happened if she got hold of him.

About 20 min. later she called and said in fact that it was him. He had married but was now divorced. She said he seemed thrilled that she had called and he wanted to get together. We decided we would give it a try but would call as soon as she could whether or not anything happened sexually.

I had forgotten how exiting and aroused I became waiting on her calls and imagining what was going on. About three hours later she called. When I asked how it went she asked if she sounded freshly fucked. She then started telling me what happened. He had come to her hotel with a bottle of white wine. They had put the wine on ice and took a walk around the hotel grounds. After strolling for a while and engaging in casual conversation the subject turned to sex. She said he had really enjoyed their encounter several years earlier and especially fucking her tits which are very large for her size. They then decided to go back to her room for a glass of wine. She had worn a casual full length dress and as they entered her room he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. As they were kissing he lowered his hand and caressed her ass. He then started to raise her full length dress and put his hands in her panties from behind and massaged her butt. She said it felt great. She then told him to open the wine and she was going to get more comfortable. She went to the bathroom and changed into a long thin negligee but did not wear any bra or panties. As she walked out he had opened the wine but when he saw her he put the bottle down, said "wow" and started kissing her again and lowered her to the bed. He started to play with her tits and begin alternating between sucking her tits and kissing her. He then started to kiss his way down to her pussy, he then spread her legs and begin to suck on her pussy in earnest. She was then rubbing his cock through his pants and told him to get more comfortable and disrobe, which he did. When he was totally naked she said she had forgotten how large his uncut cock was. It was now rock hard as she took it and begin to suck on it. He then layed back on the bed as she straddled him in a 69 position with her on top sucking his cock and she placed her pussy on his face and he started to suck it. After about 5 min. of sucking his cock he said he was about to cum. She told him to try to hold off and to fuck her pussy. He then rolled her over and started sucking her tits as she spread her legs wide and she guided his cock to her pussy. She said it felt great as he shoved it in up to the balls and started to fuck her hard. He fucked her about 5 more min then pulled his cock out, stroked it a couple of times and shot stream after stream of cum on her stomach and tits.

They then relaxed and sipped wine as they talked, After about 20 min she casually begin to play with his limp cock. It begin to respond and he started to play with her still wet pussy. When he was hard again she asked him to fuck her from behind which is her favorite position and she usually cums this way. She positioned on her arms and knees with her ass and pussy in the air. He then got behind her, she reached between her legs and guided his cock back to her pussy as he slide in deep she started to play with her clit. She said they had only fucked for a couple of min. but she started to cum and came twice as he fucked her this way. He did not cum but lay-ed her on the bed in the missionary position spread her legs wide and shoved his cock back in. He then sucked her tits as he fucked her and then whispered that he would like to fuck her tits again. She told him to straddle her. She then reached on the night stand for some lotion, and rubbed it on her tits and the base of his cock. He straddled her and placed his cock between her tits and started to stroke. She held the side of her tits around his dick and as he fucked her tits she would suck on his cock-head on each stroke. After a few min. he said he was cumming and shot his cum on her tits and face.

They then cleaned up and talked and sipped their wine. She said that she had to get up early and they had better wrap it up. He said he had better go to but asked if she was up for one last goodnight fuck. She said how could she resist if he was. They then begin to kiss again. He was still soft so she took some more lotion and started to slowly jack his cock. She is the worlds best at hand jobs with lotion and he begin to respond. When he was hard she told him she wanted him to fuck her pussy and cum in it as he had not done that as yet. She said they then begin what was about a 30 min. fuck in every position. He turned her around and fucked her from behind again and reached around and played with her swaying tits as he did it. Finally he lay-ed her on the bed spread her legs and put them on his shoulders and started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes. She reached around and grabbed his ass as he fucked her and pulled him in as deep as she could. He then started to fuck her hard. She said she could feel his balls as they slapped against her ass. He kept fucking her hard and finally said he was going to cum in her pussy. I asked her something I had not thought of before which was could she feel him when he shot his cum in her pussy. She said she could always feel someone cum in her pussy. Which really turned me on.

They then cleaned up he said he would love to see her again and left. That is when she called and we had one of the most exciting phone conversations we had ever had. I jacked off three times before going to bed reliving our conbersation. She arrived home the next day and I fucked her as soon as she walked in the door. It was some of the best sex we had had in years as we relived the night before.