Written by James

17 Sep 2018

Been married 32 years wife is really good only fault is when she’s had a few drinks really bad flirts terrible . She’s hasnt improved either as she gotten older , 57 now five ft five tall 36 dd medium length blonde hair size 16 always well groomed . 3 Friday’s ok she’s out with freinds always a bit of a worry as I know what she’s like in drink . On this night she arrives home at around 2am I’m already in bed she making lots noise giggling etc gets in bed stinks of booze hand straight on my cock not a stitch on now not only does she smell of booze stinks of sex her nipples are really hard red and swollen I’m kissing her biting her neck and ears she squeesing and rubbing my cock talking real filth telling me I’m a dirty fucker and she needs a fuck my hand goes to her pussy soooo wet and sticky I kiss her tits , belly work down till I get to her pussy run my tongue across her lips can smell her juice and definatley cum push. Y tongue in her can taste cock instead of being pissed of I’m not I’m so turned on I say to her you’ve had someone tonight to which she giggles and says don’t be daft I’m now really licking and sucking her pussy she has her hands on back my head pushing me into her saying fucking eat me you fucker I push up spread her legs wide looks lovey I push. My erection into her she’s so wet it just glides in wraps her legs around small of my back moaning loudly with pleasure . I tell her to get up kneel on all fours she doesn’t need telling twice she’s now knelt on bed I’m knelt behind her pussy lips are so swollen and fuck does her arse look good I finger her which causes her to push back onto me fingers out suck my fingers oh that arse so I push my cock in to her arse not in on 1st or 2nd thrust 3rd time I’m in mmmmm. So good 3 fingers in her pussy pumping her arse and finger fucking her took me all of 1 minute to cum spunk up her arse I roll of she lays on her back I know she’s cum finish of by licking her Rose and pussy can’t wait till she goes out again for the evening