Written by David03

15 Jul 2011

I wrote recently and told you about our first time with another man fucking my wife.

Since then things have progressed to the point that I am being humiliated on a regular basis.

It turns out Lynn had been fucking Phil regularly for the past three years and when I allowed them to fuck in front of me, they couldnt believe their luck.

Last week they fucked in my bed while I lay there and could only watch and wank, to their great delight.

Yesterday Lynn told me that her boss is now fucking her as well.

She works in a care home and her boss came onto her while at work.He slipped his hand up her skirt and started to finger her pussy while she was serving food to the patients.when she had finished she removed her panties and went to his office.she undressed and waited for his reaction.

she said his hands were everywhere and when she released his cock he almost came there and then. she sucked his cock and he came in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could.After he recovered he fucked her doggy style and came a second time filling her pussy with his sticky juice.

She is working tomorrow and has told me that she has bought new stockings and is not going to wear any panties and will tell me all the details when she comes home.

She said she will fuck who she wants, when she wants and there is nothing I can do about it. to be honest I dont want to do anything about it as long as she gives me all the details.

more to follow