Written by gerry

19 Dec 2013

After our first foursome and wife swap with Jacky and Richard we went to a swingers party with them the following weekend. We had been to parties before where we had both had sex but never to an actual swingers party. We met up with them at their local before going to the party.

When we arrived Richard introduced us to the hosts, Julie and Ben who were pleased to see us. Nice to have new couples they said.

We had some drinks and soon Gloria, my wife, was creating interest among the men. She was wearing a cream tight fitting knitted dress which showed off her lovely body to perfection. She looked really shaggable and shagging she was going to get that night no doubt. Jacky new my wife preferred being screwed by men with very big cocks and introduced to Dave. Jacky told Gloria that Dave had fucked her at a previous party and that his cock was massive,11" plus and extremely thick. I watched as Dave chatted her up and then leave the room with him. Jacky came to me and said that Gloria was about to have the shag of her life and after about ten minutes said that we should go upstairs and watch her being fucked by Dave's massive prick.

The first two bedrooms were occupied with couples fucking and then in the third one we found Gloria and Dave. They were on the bed naked in the 69 position. Jacky wasn't wrong, Dave's cock was massive, even bigger than Ivor's and his black friends who had fucked her.

There were two beds in the room and Jacky and I lay on the other one. Gloria glanced across at us as we undressed each other, her tongue working on Dave's monster cock. She had great difficulty taking his enormous knob in her mouth and gagged as she did so. "Jesus Christ your so big she gasped, I thought I wouldn't see a cock bigger than what I've already been fucked by but this something else" she gasped. My cock was rampant as jacky took it in her mouth as I watched in awe at Dave's cock and couldn't wait to see her taking it. Two more men entered the room and stood watching. They took their cocks out and started wanking. Jacky's cunt was really wet has slipped a finger inside her. My cock was fully engulfed in her mouth, she gave a first class blow job. Then I saw what I had waited for, Dave mounting Gloria. She lay on her back with legs opened as wide as she could, knees raised up, her gingerhaired cunt fully exposed to him. As he knelt over her his thick 11" cock was pointing towards the opening of her cunt which glistened with her juices. She moved both hands down to her groin and with her finger stretched open her cunt lips. He held his huge cock and guided it to the glistening opening of her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as he gently began To ease his thick cock slowly inside her cunt. She winced as she felt each inch enter her, felling it stretching her cunt open as it filled her. "Oh my God" she cried,"that's fucking enormous". I could have sworn my cock grew another 1" as I watched in awe as she took more and more of his 11" inches. She moved her fingers from her cunt and dug them into his buttocks. "Fucking hell your so tight" he groaned. "It's because your so fucking big" she gasped. Then he began fucking her and she really went crazy rolling her head from side to side and her body writhing beneath him, her fingernails digging into his thrusting buttocks.

"What are you doing to my cunt you bastard" she cried as he fucked her harder. Jacky and I stopped what we were doing and just watched in awe at what we were seeing. The two other men were wanking furiously, one of them squeezing Gloria's firm tits. Dave asked her if she wanted his spunk inside her. "Oh yes, I want to feel you coming inside me, feel your spunk inside me. Don't come yet, I want more of you cock" she gasped."oh Dave, fuck me from behind". He slowly withdrew from her and she knelt over, her head on the pillow, her buttocks in the air. He knelt behind her, one hand on his cock the other on her hip and he guided his swollen knob into her cunt. He held her hips with both her hands and pulled her roughly ghonto his cock. "Jesus, it feels even bigger this way" she gasped. "Glo, what a great fuck you are" he grunted as he strove to fuck her even harder. She was sobbing into the pillow wincing as shelf 11" of very thick cock filling her right up. "I'm coming" he groaned as he thrust harder and faster. I don't know how many climaxes she'd had but she went crazy as he began emptying his bollocks inside her. "Oh fucking hell, that is so fucking good" she cried as she felt his cock throbbing inside her. I was almost coming as I watched excitedly. When he finally withdrew his cock glistened with his spunk and her juices and he collapsed beside her as she rolled onto her back, well fucked. One of the two men watching moved on top of her and she said no, I can't take anymore, but he ignored her and thrust his cock right up her sopping cunt, right up to his balls and the other shagged Jacky. Gloria lay there taking the cock inside her gasping as another cock gave her cunt another good shagging. She was gasping loudly again as he brought her to another climax before shot another load of spunk into her cunt. I then took his place and my prick slid easily into her spunk filled pussy and it didn't take long for me to come. The chap fucking Jacky had also come and by this time dave had another enormous hard on and moved over on top Jacky and gave the length of his prick to her cunt. She cried out as he started shagging her, stretched her pussy wide open. Gloria lay there looking as she had been, well and truly fucked. Dave rolled onto his back and Jacky straddled him and I had a good view of her cunt riding up and down on his huge thick penis. He was squeezing her lovely tits and she lowered her body so that he could suck her nipples. Then he rolled onto her back and shot his load inside her as another man entered the room, cock in hand looking for a fuck. He got on top of gloria and she couldn't fuck anymore but he ignored her and he spread her legs and without any foreplay rammed his hard cock right up her already well fucked cunt. She just lay there and let him fuck her. He was grunting as he strove to fuck her as hard as he could. The other two men left the room well satisfied as Dave, Jacky and myself just lay quietly and watched Gloria being shagged yet again. I got another hard on and screwed Jacky for awhile as I watched Gloria. Soon the chap fucking her groaned and said he was coming and she told him she wanted him to come and he shot his load inside her and promptly left the room. We dressed and joined the others downstairs for a drink and to relax. Gloria said she couldn't fuck anymore that night. Julie asked if we had had a good time and we said we had. She said she would let us know when the next one was. We were looking forward to it and we left.