19 Jun 2017

I have been friendly with Adam a while now and get along nicely. He loves and wants my wife Liz and I am happy with that. She is a size twelve lady with a sexy streak in her that she does love sex.

I am a confirmed watcher or cuckold depending on location. I have witnessed her being loved by many men in the past and have embarked for a change on a trial with Adam. He read my profile which he liked and he contacted me through SH. I had an idea to freshen things up as we have had a slight decline in activity for the last couple of years. Not through lack of motivation but Liz had a guy she liked but he had gone very quiet. my suspicion was that he had been caught out and was being kept under close scrutiny by his wife, then we discovered quite by accident that he was being divorced by her as she had found another man at her workplace. Quite why he has been missing is really not my business, people are free to come and go in this lifestyle and those who dabble need a very strong relationship.

However my plot was to suggest Adam called at my wife's cafe and if he liked what he saw, I wanted him to chat her up to go for a drink and then leading on to some adult time probably at a later date. The first meeting was a bit awkward as Liz had not been chatted up for some time, she told him she was happily married (good news for me but I knew that). He told me the story and Liz also told me within minutes after he left the shop, only to return to give her his phone number.

He called again later and she repeated she was happily married, this time when she got home she seemed different, she told me he had been in and asked her to go for a drink. We had our evening meal and as I sat finishing a glass of wine she came over and kissed amorously, then whispered 'You want me to go with him don't you?' My cock did the talking as she found a stiff erection poking itself towards her. We stripped and fucked as I said I thought she might like a different cock and it was fine with me.

Comings and goings continued for a few weeks and then he called in once more, suggesting they might like to meet for a drink somewhere after her work was over. This time she said she would, but 'only for a drink mind'. Adam called me with a leap in my heart I said 'Brilliant' then settled to wait for her to return home. I purposely did not answer the phone, claiming I was out down the garden and heard nothing. When she came in she repeated what Adam had told me. I acted nonchalant but mentally she was already naked and getting her pussy licked by his searching tongue. As we went to bed I asked when she was going for her drink and she said it was in two days time.. We had a frantic session that night as I reminded her how sexy she was and desirable to other guys, evident in his interest in her. She was wet, very wet as I continued to caress her mind with sexy talk and it worked she squirted with me for the first time in ages, now I knew that just a drink was going to probably be something more. After a lovely fucking session when I lasted longer than usual I lay back cuddling her and saying how special she was. She rubbed herself sensually against me and stroked my cock as I suggested things she could do with Adam.

We got through the next day without ripping each others' clothes off but at bedtime I asked her to put on what she was thinking of wearing for Adam the next evening. She told me to wait downstairs and she would be down shortly. It was twenty minutes but well worth it when I heard her descending the stairs.

A short leather skirt which just covered her stocking tops (hold ups) as far as the dark welt, a blue loose top which she leaned forwards to reveal the half cup bra with her nipples resting in view like a chick in the nest's beak. She bent low at the hearth revealing a smooth bum uncluttered by any panties. I was smitten and said it was an excellent choice. I asked if she wanted a lift and where they were going to go after. She said she had been wondering about that and I mentioned the shop but she thought it might be a bit risky with the number of people who knew her well in the vicinity. I then said 'It looks like here then' As I was still not known to Adam according to Liz, just a husband with a loving wife. I then proposed that I would stay outside in the garden and hopefully see some of the action. I stroked her pussy and she quivered and closed her eyes. 'Imagine Adam here now, stroking you as I am doing, you have had a drink and you know you are going to get fucked don't you?' A whispered 'Yes' 'You want his cock inside you don't you?' 'Yes', 'You want his spunk in your sexy cunt don't you?' 'Ooh yes . . . I need his cock' 'Do you want him to lick you and strip you?' 'Yes' 'You want to be naked for him?' 'Yes' She was now shaking and dripping her juices on the floor, a large puddle formed between her feet and her stockings were streaked in it, shaking she allowed me to strip her and then I had my cock in my hand, slipping it against her soaking cunt, we teased each other but she wanted cock, his cock and I was making sure she was going to get it the very next night.

We slept extremely well and rekindled our lust in the morning. This day dragged but eventually it was time for her to get ready. She had arranged a pub in the hills and they were going to meet at eight. I was taking her there and he was bringing her back, although Adam did not know this and I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise for him. So it was a girl friend who had dropped her off and I was out for most of the night playing a fictitious poker game (very fictitious as I am not a gambler at all).

It is now almost half ten, Liz, having excused herself to the ladies sends me a text saying they are on the way back and will be there in under half an hour. I tidy around making the place look as if nobody has been around recently. I wait until I see the lights of his car sweep into the drive, then out into the garden locking the front door and gaining a few seconds. I am out and they walk in, his hand already up her skirt caressing her clean cunt, they turn and kiss and I see her bum clearly with his hand stroking it, fingering in from the back and slipping into her cunt. She slips her jacket off and asks if he wants a drink but he was only wanting the furry cup and she loses her top and skirt within twenty seconds. Can't blame him, her body just gets you so you want it and you want it now. He releases his cock and she takes it in hand stretching its shaft and seeing it grow. I have a great view from the garden, the window allows full height right down to the ankles. Her breasts are released from the black bra and her nipples jut out urging him to suck them. Standing in her hold ups with legs apart, he licks her as she watches him working her body steadily up into a lustful trance. He is good, very good and each touch has a sense of intensity about it, deliberate, sensual fingering while his tongue is busy probing her clitoris. Her eyes are closed and she is making gentle mewing sounds, scarcely audible but definitely there. Suddenly she grabs his head at the back and pulls his face into her cunt and she is coming again, gushing over the kitchen floor.

The scene gets more hectic as he increases his intensity of driving his fingers rapidly in her, she is gasping and unsteady on her feet. She takes him into the lounge, wanting the comfort of being fucked on one of our corner sofas, she is wanking Adam and takes licks and sucks when she is not being taken to a new high on his fingers. They reach the sofa and she turns her back, offering her bum to him, her cunt parted, wanting filling by his cock. 'Fuck me now' I hear, 'Please fuck me hard and give me that spunk, I need it in me'. Now her arse is a lovely sight, tight, small and soft, also the view of her cunt belies its muscles within which can suck a cock dry with skilfull squeezes, almost like a cow being milked, she milks cock. It was inevitable that he did not last all that long, but his thrusts were strong and what she wanted.

They lay close together, panting and sweating, her chest a well fucked red, the colour added to by a run of spunk coming from her reddened cunt. Half an hour of small talk and he dressed and left. I came in through the back door as his car disappeared, cock in hand and gave her a second helping of juice deep in her willing cunt. Lucky Liz and lucky Adam