Written by Sluts Husband

13 May 2016

My wife is a slut. She has been since we met. I met her at a party and was immediately attached to her but she was there with another fellow who I thought was her boyfriend. She was drop dead hot with a beautiful body. I had a few drinks and a dance and she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I was a bit slow to answer as no girl has ever asked me that just after we met. Then she said well, I’d like to fuck you. She said that she was going to the bathroom and for me to follow in a while and we would find a room.

We did find a room and fucked. She straight away took my cock in her mouth and sucked me. She looked up at me and asked if she blew me, could I cum again and fuck her. I assured her I could and she gave me the best blowie I had ever had. About an hour after going upstairs to the bathroom we came down. She went home with her boyfriend and she told me later that he fucked her in his car on the way home and then again when they got to her flat.

She had told me where she lived and to come around.

I did and every time I visited we would fuck. Sometimes we never went out. She kept going out with others and never tried to hide it. She told me I was one of the best fuckers she has ever had and still says that today. But she likes variety.

We got married 2 years later when I was moving up north with work. She only agreed to marry if I understood that she would never be faithful to me and she would want to fuck other men. I loved her and respected her honesty. I would have married her under any conditions.

That’s what we have been like all our married life.

She had the first extra fuck with a guy 3 weeks after we were married and after about 6 months she had a long term boyfriend. He was around for a year. He knew about me and we would get together for threesomes. She loves it in the arse.

She is now 44 and we have a lot more time to ourselves these days. She hasn’t slowed.

Over the years she has often had more than one lover on the go at one time. That’s the case at present. She been seeing one since last July and picked up another this year in February.

Both are married. They are the best kind. Over the years have had boyfriends try to take her away from me. They don’t understand. The married ones mostly don’t give that sort of trouble. They are just pleased to be fucking her.

Now with the house more to ourselves she has them see her here. I am not always here but she often tells me that she has arranged it and is expecting them or she will call me at the business and say they just left. Often she makes an offer to come home and see what they did to her.

I am not a cuckold and am not into licking cum out of her cunt but I do like fucking it when it is sloppy from a recent fucking. She has safe sex with condoms but when she knows them well enough, she has them cumming inside her. She likes the feel and she likes the taste. She likes her own taste and loves to kiss me or her lovers after they have been down on her. She will also scoop her fingers into her cunt after a good fucking and then lick them in front of us. That turns me on and I have seen the other guys harden straight up when she does that too.

She carries condoms in her handbag and even keeps a packet in the glove box of her car. She wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity.

If I can’t get home after she invites me when the lover has left or she may not have told me it was happening then she will leave her panties (usually a thong) in our bathroom that she has worn straight after the fucking. She will leave the gusset of the panties turned up so I see all the dried cum. She knows she is going to get another good fucking from me then.

I don’t know how many men have fucked her, I doubt she does really. I know she has picked up some and couldn’t even tell me their name. She said that she knew they would have a nice dick and couldn’t care about their name.

That’s my wife, she is a slut but I love her.