Written by The Rocket

27 May 2016

My wife wishes me to be more involved. She does have a fuckbuddy and she has him a lot. She gets very pissed off though if I call him a bull. For her that term implies that the bull is in charge of the relationship and fucks the woman when or how he likes. That’s not my wife. It’s her way or no way.

It was her idea to visit the adult sex shop last Friday. She knows the owner quite well and posed for some hot pics for him in the past. But the real purpose of our visit was to get me a penis sleeve to try which will make my cock bigger for her when we fuck.

The owner showed us the full range and maybe we were feeling a little frisky or her pussy was feeling a bit greedy, but we did end up buying the biggest penis sleeve in the store.

Then Saturday night we tried it out. It is made of a very flexible rubber which slides over my cock and has a tight hole for my balls to go through, similar to a cock ring. You lube of both the inside and the outside. Once we put it on we realized how THICK it was.

So to help get her pussy ready, I went down on her for a while and she talked about her fuckdate a couple of nights before, with her big cock fuckbuddy.

All the licking and talk had me very hard in the cocksleeve, which was a very interesting sensation.

I kept thinking of course we wouldn’t need the cocksleeve if I had a bigger dick but she never teased me, she never does. As I said she wants me to do more to her.

We lubed it up and I very slowly pressed into her pussy. I had to guide it more than usual, as the amount of sensation I felt was significantly lessened by the sleeve. However, the feeling of her pussy giving way, and letting this super thick cock slide into her pussy was amazing. The moans coming out of her were incredible and that spurred me on.

I had to start slowly and then I could fuck her a little harder and deeper. I fucked her from behind for a while and then had her ride me.

She liked being stretched by her new toy. She loved the feeling of being completely full. She said it felt very similar to her fuckbuddy which she had had a few nights before and he is big.

She came a few times and I was able to last for ages as the sensation is less for me but still ok. Watching her face was amazing as she rode me and hammered the massive thing into her. Personally have never been about to see that reaction when I fuck her. But I have seen similar when her fuckbuddy rides her when her legs are over his shoulders.

We will definitely use the cocksleeve again occasionally but she intends go back and buy a smaller version for more frequent use. I am happy either way.