Written by ttg

12 May 2014

I parked the car we looked at each other Kate my wife looked a bit nervous now, she sat next to me her coat was open under it she had on a short and quite tight black halter neck dress the neck line plunged and keep the breast apart she had no bra on, I could see her chest rise and fall with her breathing she smoothed the front, the hem had ridden up to expose her stocking tops

She peered out the windscreen as she asked which apartment did I think it was, I had no idea and said the number with be in the doorway I think, she asked if she looked alright I said fabulou and are you sure we can still leave, taken a deep breath she said we gon into all that I asked again if you are sure she nodded

We got out the car and made our way to the doorway I looked at the buttons number three I pressed it a deep voice said yes I said its Kay and John he replied okay man come in go up the stairs ther go left and you see the door there a click I pushed the door it opened

We when across the hall to the stairs Kate's heels clicked and sounded loud, at the top of the stairs on the left was a door with a three on it

We stood at he door I thought if I knock there be no going back, once inside, we had dabbled in the swapping thing a few years before and gave it up because we had kids at home and it was jest to risky but we had a fancy which we sheared about Kate going with other men and me watching, it was a bedtime game but this was for real, after the kids where off our hands and it was her that instigated it in the end even when it was being arranged I didn't think she go though with it even the night we meet Case in the pub and talked about this I sill thought she back out, she had chosen Case that at first I thought was to wind me up, he was west Indian after we meet him he did seem a nice guy Kate had spoken with him on the phone a few times and seemed to like him, I asked why a black man and she said I have fantasies as well, after the meeting she and him had made the arrangements and it did seem at times I was being told what I need to be told its like when this first stated to look serious I went to boots and got some condoms I have had the snip, then I cough her taken a tablet and said got a headache she said no its the a contraceptive pill

I said you do want to be safe she smiled and said something like that and this evening I went and got the condoms and was told not to worry and leave them

I tapped on the door Case opened it with a smile he said you found me okay then and I said yes he looked at my wife and said oh yes very nice and took her arm and lead her in past me, he knew what we where looking for we explained when we meet him I remember what he said to me so you into voyeurism is it cuckolding as well the truth was I didn't know what he meant, I may of agreed with him at the time, as they past me from that point I was more like a bystander, in the lounge he told me to sit in a chair, I did get a drink after that it him and Kate

At first she looked a bit nervous but she seemed to get over that as they chatted, I got a few glances but her eyes where on Case apart from that, as they talked he was now running his finger in her heir the next thing he pushed her hair to one side then gently turned her face to him and kiss her as she sat there with her head to one side then she turned to face him her arms went round him I could see she was kissing him back I did feel jealou it looked passionate I could see Kate's chest heaving as her breathing got deeper, the way she was now sat the halter neck dress was gaping open more to one side and exposing most of one breast I noticed her nipples had stiffened

After the snog she looked a little flushed he was whispering some thing to her as he did he ran a finger from her neck down between her breasts, he then kissed her again but this time his hand went inside the dress his big hand moved around under the dress I think he got the nipple between his fingers he looked as if he gave the breast a squeeze as well

she murmured a few time as he did that some how the breast came out of the dress he was now playing with it and a very extended nipple

I looked down the hem of the dress had ridden up part the stocking tops, I was really shocked when her thighs parted a bit I got a glimpse of white and it wan't panties he pushed her back a little more the thighs parted once more I was stunned to see I was right there was her pussy I was even more surprised not to see her shot trimmed pubes she had saved it was as plain as day I could see the long fleshy lips the long slit the lot

His had left the breast going to her upper thigh with the fingers on the inside as they move up the thighs parted one pressed to him the lay wide open, his finger where now exploring her liba toying with the fleshy lips then running the length of the foulds till they parted, they looked very moist inside as two longer finger probed jest inside as they disappeared to the knuckle he lifted her leg on top of his she was now completely open and exposed given full access all the fingers had disappeared now, they had stopped kissing his had turned parm up Kate moaned, as she did he said that's the right place

My wife was looking up at him as she fingered her she had one breast outside the dress it stated to wobble the nipple looked rock hard as his hand went faster I could hear a wet sound

Kay now lay back her mouth open I could see her body tense the noise was more slosh Case said yes babe this is what you need tell me tell me I heard her say yes he said cum for me cum her legs wide open feet on the floor she lifted her bum and cried out YES aaaar then gasped a couple of times her hand went out to his arm as if to stop him he said oh no babe once more for me his hand was going faster if any thing, her body twisted and jerked she panted and gasped her mouth open eyes rolled back she almost screamed as he made her climax again her hips bucked then she fell back trembling the organum was that strong she was breathless as he slowly took his finger out of her he put them to her lips then in her mouth she seemed to suck them as she lay thee panting Case said you ready for this now, as he pushed his trousers down and off its when he sat up I sore what he got as he pulled is top off it lay on his thigh semi aroused it looked huge he is dark skinned but that was jet black even soft it was getting on as long as mine with a hard on I am a tad under six inches but it was the girth it was massive and at the end was a bulge in the foreskin which covered the head still,it looked like his balls matched his dick it looked like he had a sack full

Kate had at this point not seen what I had seen, she was laying back on the sofa almost behind him still getting her breath back, I don't know if she had any idea of his size I think his add said well hung or some thing on them lines

Case moved a little and leaned back to Kate in doing so I could see his balls a lot better with his legs apart more, they hung down over the edge of the sofa like two chicken eggs in his sake like some thing you see in a field or farm yard

He was now kissing my wife at the same time he brought her hand round to his cock I watched her fingers explore its length but as they went round it she stopped the kiss and sat up and looked at what she had in her hand she had a surprised look on her face, Case was smiling as he pulled her down his body on to his lower chest she was holding his cock and at first it seemed she didn't want to go to close to it, then his voice said you know what you have to babe, it was growing by now a good inch longer and swelling Kate hesitated then her mouth opened as she pulled the foreskin back the bell end almost popped out it was quite a size compared to the shaft she sucked on the very end to start with as I watched her mouth widened and the hole head disappeared he was by then fully erected I watched my wife giving a blow job for the first time she never got much of the shaft in her mouth it was jest to fat and long and his knob end filled her mouth her head bobbed up and down as she got into it

As she did that he undone the bow behind her neck and the front of her dress fell away Kate is quite busty a 38-C Case was enjoying what she was doing going by the look on his face, the way he was moving he was getting excited, I started to wonder if he was going to cum, he did stop her before he did

He pulled Kate up and kissed her, I could then see the beast I knew he was going to bury inside my wife in a short time, now it was hard it had to be nine inches long or very close I was still staring at it as he got up it waved about

It was like I wan't there he lead her to a door off the lounge, when it opened I could see it was a bedroom, after they went in I flowed, it wasn't as tidy as the lounge things lay about including sex toys, they stood near the bed snogging that ting pocked out the side Kate was topless as they kissed he pushed down the dress she stepped out of it so she was naked as well

They almost fell onto the bed together, my wife holding his cock, I was standing next to the bed, no one seem to mind, it was obvious what Case had on his mind as he moved Kate to the middle of the bed, then getting himself between her outstretched legs, he was on top of her kissed her then he sat back on his knees with his meat in is hand to me things looked as if they where in slow motion but it wasn't, Kate had her head on a pillow looking down, I noticed the real contrast between black and white, as he lined himself up she brought her knees up and parted her thighs, he had that plug shaped helmet pressed on her slip it made the lips part Kate took a deep breath as she felt it the end came up then down, Kate tensed the end found her opening he pressed the end in as she gasped the knob end disappeared her pussy lips seem to bulge out round it there a gentle push making her gasp again and a couple more inches disappeared another inch or so and it was at the extent of the penetration she was used to she accommodated that much easier than I had expected it had stretched her but it had gone in

Case was now laying over her and I imagine his weight had made more go in, she seemed uncomfortable he then jerked his hips Kate made a nice like AAAARRR flowed by a loud CHRIST the next thrust she screamed and with next thrust but he had impaled himself inside her as her hands slapped is back

Kate's breathing was more like a pnt, there was my wife on a strange bed with a black man on top of her and his over sized black cock buried inside

I watched his bum go back before he drove it back with more force than he used the first time she squealed out she did that with each thrust he gave to start with, he gave her his full length with each one, they got longer and harder as well as faster, I was amazed when her legs went up in the eir they waved about with his thrust but she got then as far apart as she could, it was obvious she was now enjoying it

The fucking got more energetic which made my wife gasp and squeal a lot it was obvious she was enjoying it, a bit worrying she was enjoying it that much more than I expected Going by the noises and sounds she was making she was very near climaxing, she was trapped under him but she was twisting and jerking her body she gasped really loudly and seem to tremble as it hit her, but the fucking she was receiving carried on, I don't thing that had happened to her before, she fell back and lay still as the pounding continued

It was then he almost stopped and picked Kate's legs up her knees where almost on her chest and he started again he was even more physical if any thing at one point he was up on is toes as if he was doing press ups, after that it was more like a fucking frenzy

Where Case got the energy or staying power from I don't know but some thing happened to my wife she climaxed but not jest once it became a multiple orgasm the noise she mad filled the room,the slapping of bodies became a very a wet sound, it was jest after that I could see Case was very near to cumming he was moaning then he gasped a number of time and stopped inside Kate his bum clinched he jerked as he cum as his black seed flowed deep inside her filling her with his sperm

When he got off her her body seem to tremble as she lay there for a time, Case looked my way and said she will want more my friend as smiled at me, he was right so right

It was now late and I don't think Kate could of taken much more, she got off the bed to get dressed even then she seem a little wobbly on her feet, we left it was a quiet drive home