14 Nov 2015

When I joined the RAF as a young officer it was very much forbidden for officers to have a relationship or sex with other ranks. 

This true story is a recollection of the first time I fucked an airwoman an how it gave me the taste for this forbidden fruit.  It all happened when I

was the duty officer one Christmas period and one of my duties was to ensure the mess bar was locked up on time.

The mess was deserted and I was left chatting with Paula, the bar steward.  Paula was about 20, slim with short dark hairand lovely small pert tits.  She was sat behind the bar and I was at the other end of the bar so that I could get a crafty peek up her skirt where I occasionally glimpsed her stocking top, a bit

of bare thigh and a white suspender.  We Chatted about all sorts of things but over time became more flirtatious.  Her boyfriend was away for a couple of months and I jokingly asked her how she was managing with no regular cock. “Toys and mags” she laughingly replied and looking me in the eye very slowly uncrossed her legs giving me a lingering view of not only stockings, bare thigh and suspenders but also her white panties.  “Lovely”I said as she kept her legs parted.  I lifted the bar counter and walked round towards her.  By the time I had reached her she had hitched up her skirt and I could see a neat dark triangle of hair through the lace of her panties.

Parting her knees I knelt in front of her and planted a kiss on her mound and inhaled the musky scent of her pussy.  As she sighed I eased the gusset to one side and started to lick her out.  First I licked her lips from top to bottom and back again and then, concentrating on gently sucking and nibbling her clit I slid a finger into her.  “Oh fuck yes” she murmured as I continued tolick and finger her getting my timing from her sighs and the pressure of her pussy squeezing my finger.  When a second finger entered her she began to thrust herself hard onto my finger and her hands pushed my face deep into her pussy. I felt the wave of an orgasm wash over her and her pussy gripped my fingers tightly.  As the orgasm subsided she lifted my face to her flushed face and kissed me hard.  “Now fuck me over the bar” she said and standing up she held her skirt up.  I slid her lace panties down and stuffed them in my pocket and when I spread her legs it gave me a gorgeous view of a lovely pert arse framed by her suspenders and uniform.

As I dropped my trousers I realised the eroticism of what we had done so far had got me rock hard and as I positioned myself behind her she

reached round and took hold of my uncut cock. “Smoothly shaven – nice”  as she slowly wanked my 6 or so inches.  I nuzzled her pussy lips with the tip of it and then eased into her.  She moaned quietly and then as I began to fuck her she braced herself against the bar. “Harder – I want fucking harder”

she implored and leaning into her and reaching round to fondle her pert tits I whispered “I won’t last long if I do that”.  As I tweaked her hard nipples through her blue uniform blouse and what felt like a camisole top she replied “I don’t care just fuck me hard and fast but don’t cum in me”.  As I fucked her hard and fast I reached for a bar towel as something to mop my spunk up with when I came she said “not there silly – in my mouth” and feeling my orgasm nearing I pulled out and she spun round and crouched in front of me mouth wide open.  She took hold of my glistening and slippery cock and slid her lips down it.  As the tip of her tongue teased the end of my cock I came – not jet after jet as some fantasists would have you believe but a couple of good squirts.  She continued to suck and play with my cock in her mouth and as I began to soften she gave my balls a gentle squeeze stood up and kissed me.  Our lips parted and tongues embraced and I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her tongue.  We finished kissing and cuddling and sorted our clothes out.  Giving her one last kiss before I went out to resume the rest of my duties she said “next time it’s your treat and I’ll ride you slowly”. 

It was only when I got back to my room to get changed for bed did I find her panties in my pocket and sniffing them and smelling her pussy I murmured to

myself “I’d better return these sometime”. We did have that slow sensuous fuck and when her boyfriend returned we resumed playful and flirty banter but no more. It did however open my eyes to the wonderful world of sex with air women and I've had a number of naughty escapades since this one which I can relate if people want to hear them.