11 Jan 2016

In the first part of Forbidden Fruit I explained how I started off having sex with young airwomen when I was an officer in the RAF. This is another true story of an encounter with an airwoman. The girl in question was called Emma and outside of work she had a part time role as the NAAFI DJ. One of my responsibilities was the NAAFI and I would see her regularly at committee meetings - she had a bit of reputation as a 'goer'. At the NAAFI Christmas party she was DJing and I'd been invited along to the party as a guest so I thought I'd try my luck. She is slim, not very busty and with mousy blonde hair tied back in a ponytail; she was wearing an emerald green pair of hot pants, matching halter top and holdups (you could see them as her hot pants didn't quite cover the tops of them). Anyway she was in the DJ booth getting ready for her set and I went in and cheesily asked her to play a record for me. As she bent over to find it I saw my chance and slipped my hand onto her arse, had a good feel and said "very nice" as I kept my hand there. "Thank you" she said not moving and parting her legs slightly so I slid my hand between her hot thighs and rubbed her pussy.

She remained bent over and supporting herself with her hands on the desk pushed back onto my hand. "Go on, finger fuck me" she urged. I pulled her hotpants down and was greeted by a lacy black g-string which I also slid down and my fingers began to explore her sopping wet pussy. The first shaven pussy I'd encountered and it was dripping "god you're wet" I said. "I know" she replied "I've just been fucked that's why and I want you to fuck me too" as she reached down and felt my already hard cock. "Let's see it then" she demanded and I undid my trousers and dropped them and my pants to my ankles. "Nice" she said as she wanked me slowly. "Uncut and fully shaved - just how I like it". She bent over the desk again legs spread widely hot pants and g-string round one ankle and said "now fuck me and give me another pussy full of cum". As I eased into her my cock slid effortlessly in to her already creampied pussy and I started a slow steady rhythm. "Fuck me hard and fast cos I'm on soon" she said. So I did. In and out, balls slapping against her arse it wasn't long before I came and filled her randy pussy with another load of cum. As I slid my cock out of her she turned round knelt quickly and sucked me clean. "Not bad for a quickie" she said and sorted her clothes out.

I was posted away soon after so I thought I'd missed out on fucking her again but I was wrong. A few years later I was staying overnight at another station near London because I was going to a Swingers Party in the city. As I arrived at the guardroom to check in there was Emma behind the desk on guard duty. We instantly recognised each other and said hello. "What are you doing here?" she asked and I explained I was staying overnight. "I'm going to a Swingers' party" and jokingly said "do you want to come?". "Fuck yes" she replied "I finish here in 45 mins so let me get ready and I'm up for it". I did take her, fingered her on the tube on the way into London, she sucked me off in an empty carraige on the way back and in between she got fucked more times than I can remember including a memorable DP with me and another guy. Her arse was so tight to fuck but that's another story.