Written by 6uilder

24 Oct 2009

well last week things have changed for me now things have gone from bad to worse salley has found the story on here and my old ad in which i was trying to get laid with no success i might ad as my punishment she has moved her long term lover in for a week i am now sitting here in a pair of black frilly knickers covered in spunk from about six blokes they went dogging last night and watched a couple in a car put on a show and when the blokes had come over the women she cleaned herself up with her pants and dropped them out of the window so ian picked them up and they brought them home and made me put them on just to humilimate me the smell is awfull at night they have me sleeping on the floor at the end of my bed so i have to watch and listen to them fuck for hours my wife is now telling me that she expects me to start cleaning her up after her sex sessions as she is going to turn me into a cum eating slut and that her and ian are going to lent me out to anyone that wants a sissy cum eating slut for the night lets hope this week ends quickly