Written by coastal_cpl

30 Aug 2009

This is my first attempt at posting a story and apologise in advance for any errors etc.

What happened is completely true and thought needed telling, as it still gets me going two weeks after the event!!!

To start with, I’m happily married with all the trimmings, we’ve had a very healthy sex life always liked trying new things, new places etc and on a couple of occasions (in the early days) we even tried some soft swinging! I am neither Bi or Gay, but have looked at a few Chat rooms and admired the occasional cock being wanked but no more than that….

So to what happened…

A family holiday in the South West of France on what was a 4star chalet / campsite not too big but with the bonus that it had all the pool facilities you could ask for and also backed directly onto a huge lake. The weathers been in the 30’s and all is well, the kids are doing their own thing and the Missus is sunning herself and looking pretty good!

Thursday and 6 days into the holiday, the kids and the Missus are off to the local Market, it’s not something I like doing so decided not to go and instead headed for the Pool area. As always it was busy and with half the Loungers being ‘reserved’ German style with towels whilst the owners bugger off to do something else.

I wandered around the poolside looking for a lounger and spot one tucked away in a corner, its next to an empty one that is ‘reserved’ but I took it quickly and laid out my towel, followed by me.

It’s a pretty hot corner as its well away from the Pool and is surrounded on two sides with that green landscape screening material (see picture), with the other side being walled by 5 or 6 sun loungers with their backs raised end on preventing any airflow to me. There is a Yellow Parasol with a couple of normal seats in front of the two loungers, but its not doing much to shade me….but beggars can’t be choosers so I lay face down with my head hanging over the foot end of the Lounger and started to read my book.

After what seemed to be 15 minutes or so, someone moved the Parasol aside and dropped a Bag on the other Lounger beside me, I turned my head a bit just to see who it was or if I was going to get a reaction from taking the Lounger. I had a little chuckle to myself as it was a bloke me and the Missus had seen around the Campsite, and had thought looked a bit of a tosser.

This guy seemed to spend the majority of his time wearing a Rugby League shirt and Camouflage Shorts, the tattoos did him no favours and we couldn’t see how he’d last much longer before he melted away. Well to be fair he was a big bloke and there was a lot of him, so he’d probably last the holiday!

Anyway, no problem with the Lounger, he seemed to settle down next to me sitting upright and started to read. After a few minutes I hear him say ‘shite’ drop his book and stand up, the next thingI hear is someone who appears to be his wife asking him for the car keys. I turn my head slightly to look at him and he’s obviously pissed off and tells her she’s got them but after a few words he went away with her to find them I guess.

Once He’d gone I got up and went for a swim then laid back on my lounger face down, again with my head hanging over the foot end, I reached for my book and noticed that there were two other books besides mine. One was an Andy McNab military action novel …crap!...the other was ‘Classic Male Erotica Unleashed’..!!!!..

Now this was a surprise, I was pretty sure he hadn’t started reading this when he arrived and it was not there when I arrived, so it must have been his second book. I guessed this is why he got flustered when his Wife came to see him. Anyway the Book was just laying there partly hidden under his lounger, almost in front of me, so I had a quick scan around and nobody was looking so I turned it towards me to peek at a few pages. Who wouldn’t?

After a couple of quick scans it was full on horny with mostly Gay scenes and I could feel a hardening coming on, anyone that’s read porn knows how hard it is to stop reading, well the next thing I heard was a voice …..”good in’it”

Quick as a flash I dropped the pages and still face down peered up to see him standing there, I did’nt know what to say….so “sorry” came out

He said that it was no problem and that I could keep it as he had another one and he’d read this one a few times over. I just panicked and didn’t want the conversation to go any further and said “no that’s OK thanks”…whilst still looking down and avoiding any eye contact. He then said “no, take it”….he sat down on his Lounger and swung his legs around putting them in between our loungers…..”I want you to ‘ave it”

I didn’t want to end up in any conversation with the bloke so said “OK.. thanks” to hopefully end it. I slid the book under the lounger to the other side to put into my bag……

”did ya read the Airport one?”….he was trying to hold a conversation which I did not want to start and I said “no”…..

“read it, its good…..go on”

“Maybe later” I said still looking down to the floor hoping it would all end there

“read it now…you’ll love, it its better than that crap your reading”

At this point I wanted to just say thanks but no and walk away ….but I didn’t…I guess if I did then I could finish the whole thing without fuss….typically English. So I held the book to one side and lower than the lounger dangled my head over the side, and started to read .

What seemed to be a couple of minutes later I heard him talking to himself about some water, he picked up his bag placed it onto his knees in between our loungers and unzipped the flap ….

I felt it land on my left hip as a lay on my side in what you could call the ‘recovery position’, as quickly as I’d felt the flap cover my hip I moved the bag about a bit searching for the bottle I guess and then I felt his hand….

I froze, his hand was resting on my inner thigh. His hand stayed there for a moment and he then said quietly

“told ya it was good….you hard yet?”

I didn’t dare move, quickly I looked up at the loungers hoping that someone would stand or drop one of the backs which would stop him in his tracks, but there were only two or three people on them and seemingly asleep or reading.

He slid his hand up and down my thigh trying to get in deeper,

“relax mate…no one can see”

I was still frozen, I didn’t want to be here lying on my side with this Northern tosser trying to slid his hand up to my balls hidden under the flap of hi hold all. Something must stop this. The problem was nothing did and I was actually hard as a rock, my head was pumping like I’d never felt before….

“lift ya leg higher”…he pushed my left leg with his hand so that it would come closer to my chest, I stopped my leg moving and then leant over me and said..

“lift ya feckin leg” and pushed it up harder this time. This startled me, he was ordering me to lay there on my side with my upper knee bent towards my chest….my head was ready to explode, still hoping something or someone would come and interrupt the whole thing.

Why I did it I honestly don’t know but I let my resistance to his hand go and he pushed my leg upwards to my waist. His hand immediately slid up between my open thighs,

“mmmmm told you it was good”…he was now gripping my hard cock through my shorts. I couldn’t break out of the amazing feeling of him sliding his hand up and dow my cock, in broad daylight with nobody aware of what he was doing. His hand then massaged my balls, and I pressed myself into the lounger..

“like that ehhh…..”he said and then squeezed harder but this time I felt his thumb probing for my bum crack. He kept pressing it upwards until he was right at the entrance to my hole. There is no way I wanted this to happen but it didn’t matter he had his fingers around my balls and his thumb started to push the material of my shorts up and into my hole.

“mmm…nice one , your loving it aren’t ya?....I’m gonna make you cum right here”

I didn’t respond, just shear panic running through my head and then…

“Fuck” …..”Dad, Dad…mums crashed the car”

He quickly turned and there was his daughter….. he’d obviously seen her and panicked, apparently his wife had hit something whilst parking the car and needed him right now, his daughter wasn’t leaving and so I just lay there, heart pounding and just wanting everything to go away.

It took a couple of minutes, he picked up some stuff and then said

“see ya later”…as he left

I was gone as quickly as the coast was clear still shaking, and spent the next three days visiting stuff outside the camp..but then bumped into him again…I will type this part up in the next few days, it blew my mind completely!