Written by old dog

23 May 2008

Some of you may have read my previouse post about Jane flashing truckers on the motorway.Now she has a taste for it I encourage her to do it at other times.Recently we had a holiday in the Med and as the weather was really warm decided to visit some gardens.

Jane wore a little halter neck sun dress that almost allowed her 38c breasts to escape and came down to mid thigh.As we set off in the car I noticed her dress had ridden up so that it was bunched in her lap and not covering much!

We got a bit lost,so seeing two blokes stood by a gate I pulled up and asked them the way.One guy who was older,came over and spoke but did/\'nt seem to understand but called to the other younger one.He came and gave us a lot of directions in good english.I thanked him and as I drove off glanced at Jane.The reason for the long explanation became obviouse,Jane had twisted in her seat and lifted a leg slightly making her dress ride even higher.As she is dark haired her trimmed pubic bush was in plain view also the top of her shaved pussy lips.Twisting had dragged her dress so that most of one breast was exposed,the material just hanging on her hardened


The distance to the garden was shorter than the directions so Jane must have given them a right eyeful to take so long!when we parked up I reached across and fingered her fanny, she was soaked!

\"You seemed to enjoy that exhibition\".I laughed

\"Yea ,just like what your doing now.Do\'nt stop I\'comming.she gasped.I felt my fingers get very wet as she orgasmed.Luckily there were only a few cars in the carpark.We sat for a while as Jane got her breath back,then she reached over and got my rock hard cock out.After a few rubs she leaned over and sucked me deep into her warm mouth.I did\'nt last long and as I tweaked her nipple came in her mouth,luckily Jane always swallows so it did\'nt take long to make ourselves respectable and go for a walk.