26 Nov 2016

After chatting to a guy for a couple of weeks, we decided to meet, but due to work and home life, ( my husband doesn't know anything about my extra fun ) it just didn't seem to be happening, until today.

We said hi on text and after some general chat, we arranged to meet at lunchtime (hubby away) Time and place arranged I proceeded to get showered, shaved my pussy and legs etc, I chose to wear a tee-shirt, with a short skirt, a g-string and black lace top hold up stockings, I arrived at the forest car park, just off the main road, a few minutes later my "date" arrived. He opened my car door and I got out, we started to kiss his hands were stroking my ass, I turned around and leant back into his chest,

One hand was up my skirt teasing my pussy, the other was inside my shirt squeezing my already erect nipple, I could feel his excitement against my lower back' mmmm lets get in the car' he suggested, I sat on the back seat away from any cars that might go by, Slowly undid his trousers and released his large cock and as he stood by the car door I cupped his shaved balls in my hands and took his hardness straight down my throat, up and down his shaft I sucked, slowly then faster, slowly again all the way down to his balls, I then sucked them as well, my hands caressing his ass at the same time.

All the time my tits and nipples were being played with, I turned around and got on my knees, my ass in the air at the edge of the seat, he was fingering my wet pussy, I felt his tongue licking at me and I pushed back onto his tongue.

Then he was inside me, fucking me slowly at first getting harder and faster, leaning in the car to grab my swinging tits and pull hard on my nipples, I was pushing back against his thrusts, he was so far up me, as he started to spank my ass, I couldn't hold back any more. "Fuck me harder I'm going to cum' I cried at him, I came so hard that I squirted as well, a few more hard thrusts, his hands holding my hips back onto him, I felt his cock pulsing inside me.

After I had got out of the car and we were leaning against it kissing, he told me a couple of cars had gone past and the men in them were having a good look and grinning, knowing what we were doing, I just smiled and got in my car, we went our separate ways,

We will be meeting again soon for more forest fun