Written by Dentist Dave’s Wife

2 Jan 2017

So I am being collected and we are going to a Swing club by one of my play partners. He texted me that he was outside and so I did a last check on my appearance. A bodysuit that shows off all my curves and a backless dress designed for quick removal. I had bought this little dress for another one my boyfriend’s as a birthday present. I haven’t worn it for a while and I have never worn it for hubby to go out although I did try it once at home to show him what he missed. The best part is that I used hubby’s credit card to pay for it.

This date hasn’t seen me in a while and I planned on making him wait a little longer to show him what he had been missing.

It’s not that I have feelings for him, it’s just, well, I have not had any real good sex in a while.

Yes, hubby and I have sex regularly but it is what you might call functionary. It relieves an itch for a little while but never for very long. He rarely elevates himself to the abilities of my repeat dates or boyfriends. That aside, hubby does not even enter my mind as I leave the room and rush down to meet my date.

I jump in his car and we greet each other with the ease of people who have been intimate with each other. I texted hubby to let him know I am out with my date and that he will have to make do with himself tonight. I never give him too much warning. But it will be good as I have found better fun for now.

We arrived at the club and settled in with some drinks and I make it my business to flirt with as many people as I can. It pays to keep your options open and see what is about. I keep as much eye contact with my date until I see he can no longer bear it. Then I casually suggest we move to a quieter area. He agrees readily and practically races to find a suitable room.

The memory of our previous encounter played on my mind and how I had enjoyed it so much. That memory, I have played so often in my head as hubby relieved himself in me. It distracts me from the boredom. Hubby does try but it’s not the same.

I allow my date to take me in as he kisses and stokes me all over. I loved the feel of his touch on me. It makes me tingle in way that I am not used to at home. I feel my face flush and my breath quicken slightly and notice my nipples grow erect under his touch. I cannot help but miss his ever increasing bulge. I think, if only I had this at home would I even need to consider having dates? Of course I would, stupid question.

I stroke my hand over his cock as he groans and moves nearer to me. The moment he has longed for has arrived and I love his cock. I know it is so satisfying. It’s because of its length, its girth and its taste in my mouth. I love everything about it. I increase my stroke speed with him kissing my shoulders and unhooking me to cup my breasts and suck on my nipples. I feel my head lighten as I begin to move my free hand to my pussy so that I can play with myself as he continues.

I closed my eyes and all there is at that moment is me and him. I am his in that space and time. My pussy is his and his alone. My pussy is dripping at that stage and I feel a pulsating desire for his cock but I have to resist the urge to allow his cock straight inside me as he presses up against me.

He wants me, I know he does and he knows that he is going to get me, unlike my hubby who can never be sure. It is my duty as his wife, his conjugal right, but it does not mean I have to submit and so called, enjoy it! Sometimes I have let him know that I am thinking of other guys as he is fucking me but maybe I had better let him know in more detail of my lover’s abilities. That will drive him insane.

I am brought back to the moment as we are both completely undressed and wrapped up around each other. I lie on my back and arch upwards so that he can see exactly what he is getting, a pussy he has gotten before, the Holy Grail. My pussy is supposed to be saved for my husband, so it’s a cheating pussy. To my date, this makes it even more appealing.

He launches his cock inside me and begins to sink deeply into my pussy. It is wide and goes deep. I close my eyes thinking only of him and his needs. He fucks me like I remember, its deep and slow. I wish this could go on forever. I wish again I could get this at home. We change positions to doggy style briefly. That’s a position I love but one in which my husband can only last a minute at best. We then move off the edge of the bed so that I can watch and appreciate his fine cock moving inside me. He can watch me playing with my breasts and kiss me too as he catches his breath.

We both grab each other as the passion and impeding satisfaction approaches, our breathing increases until he cannot last any longer and he explodes inside me. I could feel the pulsating of his cock inside me as my pussy milks every last drop from him. We lay there together for a little while to catch our breath. I slowly return to reality realising that I would have to return home soon. But at least I know I can find satisfaction elsewhere.

This is when the forgiveness starts. Hubby will ask why I never told him about my date and about who it was. As I said before I don’t tell him a lot, just snippets. If he had his way he would be there wanking and getting in the way.

I am fair though, hubby can’t be neglected altogether. I do let him have his fun. Sometimes I let him cum on me, as a sort of a treat for forgiving me. But this time I let him inside me and I let him cum there too. I have sometimes made him wear a condom and told him I didn’t want him mixing with the strong sperm. He gets very anxious.

Now it is winter and sometimes I love to have sleepovers with a boyfriend. I never intended to with this date but may be in the future. I never tell hubby about these and just send him a text saying not to wait up. Really, I don’t know why I call them sleepovers we never manage to get much sleep. I am usually really tired when I get home in the morning and this is when I only let him cum on me or maybe a hand job. It’s the same ending anyway.

He also gets jealous when I call them dates or playmates or boyfriends. He worries that I get over familiar with them.

But in reality, hubby treats me like a princess. A boyfriend treats me like a slut. I know what I prefer. Of course I would never do with hubby some of the things I have let a boyfriend do.

It’s the hunger, feeling the passion. That is what being a cheating wife means. This can only be delivered as dates move to playmate and if I like them to boyfriend status. Hubby is not sure he understands that but he does try and of course he always does his best.