Written by chris

6 Feb 2016

For some reason I can, t join the site...? Anyway after last fantasy we would like to share this actual story. A few years ago myself and ann were out with friends. After a few drinks we invited them back to our house. After a few drinks spin the bottle was suggested. After a bit of trepidation we all got into the sw ing of things. I watched as ann was the first to remove her top and bra. I could see from her hard nipples she was up for It. Her friend Susan was a bit naughty asking my mate Al to remove his clothes and then to suck Ann's erect nipples. Susan kept asking if this was ok. I replied excitedl that it was strangely erotic. Seeing another man sucking Anne's hard nipples made me very turned on. Spin the bottle carried on. Susan an carol were encouraged to touch and lick each other. The thrill of four naked bodies together was exhillirating. After lot of foreplay the girls took us in their hands and made us cum over their hard erect tits. Who was first doesnt matter. The memory of naked women giving us pleasure is still to this day so horny..