Written by M&K

16 Sep 2007

Well we thought we would tell you all a little story (We are M & K). We are a couple from this site who decided to meet another couple for sexy fun. We never really had any ideas of how far we would go but we said would just go with the flow and so we did. We met this couple in Brighton, neutral ground for us both, but we had spoken on MSN and through this site beforehand. So the day of the meet came and we headed for Brighton and met up with S & T. We had all booked into the same hotel just to keep things simple. We then had a nice time at a Roman Spa first of all, which had been recommended to us by another couple from this site. The spa put everyones nerves at ease, because everyone is derobed and some fun does go there if you wish it, but we had our fun planned for later.

So, we left the Spa and headed back to the hotel. We said that we would be with them in around 30 minutes in their room. We both freshened up and 30 minutes surprisingly speed by quite quickly. We were both quite nervous but excited by the prospect of what was to come.

We knocked on the door and was greeted by T. We all sat on the bed and spoke for just a bit, before we got down to some sexy play with our own partners. There was some discreet touching at first and this moved onto move involved play as time progressed. I was pleasuring M whilst M and S were pleasuring T. M was having her first spitroast, as S was to enjoy some moments later. Then the girls decided to experiment on eachother whilst their respective other halfs gave them a length from behind. This was Ms first bi experience although she admits she prefers a nice cock, but still enjoyed the time. M and I took turns in orally pleasuring S whilst T was having his cocked sucked by S. Many positions were taken up but up to this point we had saved the ultimate for our own partners. We then decided to go a little further and out came the condoms. I entered S first whilst she sucked T and then it was M\\\'s turn to take T, she was on all fours, whilst given me a nice blow. It was great seeing M take a nice cock - being shagged. She also liked the experience of two cocks to play with. This experience was great for us and we enjoyed it so much that we went back for seconds the next morning, although we did not swap again that morning many more positions were taken up and more fun was had.

We have not repeated this experience, for many reasons, but when we are ready we will no doubt venture into this arena again!

Be careful out there!