19 Dec 2015

Frankie's Fantasies #1;

This a totally true, and very summarized version of things that both Frankie and myself enjoying discussing. It's not always when we're turned on, or being kinky,- these are just a few of our everyday discussions. Have a read and see if you like, or even fit into any of these scenarios.



- Being tied to the bed and used by multiple men;

I was fucking Frankie the other day, and asked what she was thinking about?

She closed her eyes, as i played with her wet little pussy. She told me she was imagining being tied to a bed in a hotel room, by me wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie. I had stripped her naked, and placed her blindfold and leather collar on.

I reminded her to be a good and obedient Slave. Then opened the door. She heard whispering, and then a belt being undone. Frankie said she imagined a guy getting on top of her, that she knew was not me,, her Master and using her tight pussy. The guy would fuck her hard for several minutes, then pull out and cum over her. Without saying word he'd get off, whisper some more the me, then leave.

As he leaves, a second 'Stranger' would enter and her too would get on top of Frankie, and as before use her like a living sex toy to pleasure himself, before cumming over her.

Once again the guy would leave talking quietly to me, her Master as he leaves.

At this point, another stranger enters the room, and she feels her arms and legs being untied by several men, but she still doesn't know who. She's then put on her hands and knees and two guys spit-roast her. Still no one says anything , they just use her pussy and mouth to please themselves. She's made to gag a little as the rams into her mouth thoughtless and deep.

The guy screwing her from behind suddenly shoots his load inside her, bucks a few times against her, then pulls out. The cock in her mouth, takes his place with in seconds of him withdrawing.

She's still on all fours as he too fucks her hard and fast from behind.

Only difference with this last guy, is he's pulling her hair quite harshly. Really taking advantage of her.

After a few minutes, the fourth Stranger speeds up his pounding, and cums inside her pussy too.

He too pulls out and leaves.

Frankie is now flopped onto the bed. Cum covering her lips, tits, belly, and pussy.

She's still blindfolded. She feels a pair of hands maneuvering her small body so she's laying on her front. A hard cock slowly pushes into her pussy again. This is the fifth cock she's had tonight. That's almost the same amount she's taken in her entire life- so far.

But he only uses her wet pussy for a short time, before slowly pushing himself into her tight arse. He has to be firm and hold her down in place.

She struggles to fit him in, but after a few minutes- he's balls deep in her back door. Slamming away at her.

He too fucks her for a few minutes, before cumming up her arse. (This last guy should be non white/mixed race!!)

Then, as the others, ups and leaves without any words being spoken.

She lays there exhausted.

A few days later, i put on film on the TV of what happened to her in that hotel room. I was videoing the whole thing. She loves watching herself being fucked by these strangers.

- Using her Sexy looks get free stuff in shops.

We were driving in the car the other night to meet up with some old friends, and as usual we were discussing sexy ideas. She admitted again, that she liked the idea of people thinking she's pretty/sexy, and using that to her advantage. For instance, one of my male friends in Wales, has said he'll Tattoo her for free, if he can use Sexy pix of her displaying said tattoos in his shops.

Frankie liked the idea that he though she was sexy so was willing to tattoo her for free.

I asked how far she was liked the idea of this going. We spoke about lots of different scenarios. We agreed on a few. One was pop into the XXX Store in Cambridge, and they have a few new outfits and lacey Lingerie. Frankie asks to try them on in the back. When she comes out the guy behind the counter says; she can have them for half price if he can take a few photos on his phone of her wearing them. We agree.

I ask what she has to do to get them for free?

We're told he's willing to except a Blowjob, in exchange for the Lingerie set.

Frankie coyly agrees. I flip the latch on the door, spin the sign to closed, as Frankie goes onto her knees and sucks the guys cock. Whist she's doing this, i undo the Lingerie so he can play with her tits. After a few minutes, he says he's going to cum. Frankie sucks a little longer until she feels him pulsing. She takes the first shot of cum across her tits, before pushing the guys helmet back in her mouth and draining the last of his cum from his shaft, whilst grabbing his balls.

With all parties happy the deal has been complete, Frankie cleans herself up in his bathroom, gets changed, and we leave, only to visit again a few weeks later for more goods!!

Our Wedding Night;

This was a short term fantasy of hers. In the begginning it never came up, but after we got engaged, Frankie asked how i feltabout her having her first encounter with another cock on our Wedding Night? She said the idea of her being in that pure white dress, on such an important day made her want to be fucked by someone elses cock, so for our first night as man and wife, she'd have a cock that wasn't her husbands inside her.

She told me she knew it was wrong, but the idea turned her on so much.

Now i've never denied Frankie anything. ANYTHING!!

She wants yet another set of undies. That's fine.

She wanted more toys. No problem.

She asked how i felt if she had a boob job. Fully supported.

Wanted a two seater girly car. Okay.

Asked if she could have her nipples peirced. I agreed.

BUT- asking if i minded if her friend fucked her on the morning of our Wedding, then again in the evening before i did. I actually had to think about this one for a few days...

Obviously in the end i agreed.

She has this friend 'A'. He was going to get help her get ready on the morning of the big day.

Drive her there, help her with her dress, get a make up artisist in etc etc etc.

In return Frankie wanted to give him a Blow Job when she was in her dress, and ask him to cum inside pussy. She wanted to feel his cum trickling down her leg as she walked to the Alter.

Then during the Reception, 'A' and me would share her, and take turns with her in the Bridal Suit. And when the party was over, he would fuck her again, then me, then both of us at the same time.

Sadly/Luckily, when i told her to speak to 'A' about it, she totally bottled it, and thought he might run a mile faced with such an intimate proposal. But the thought still makes her wet, and she often talks about it with some regret that she didn't see it through.

I was personally quite happy fucking her by myself on that day- to be honest.

She looked absolutely beautiful.

-Auditioning for Porn Studio

Frankie is shy, and nervous about being fucked by strangers, that much is totally true. However, she does love the idea of making Porn Movies. The whole thing really excites her.

The thought of her getting dressed up in something sexy and slutty, making sure her pussy is shaved, - sliding a medium butt plug in, just in case, putting in her large tongue stud,- so she can pleasure anyone better, then me driving her into London, ready to be fucked on tape by a complete stranger, having to act like a slut for money.

She imagines sitting nervously in a waiting room waiting to be called forward to perform sexual for a first job in porn. Heart racing, head spinning, pussy throbbing and wet already. Very nervous but very turned on...

She says she imagines a nice looking, not white guy coming in and calling "Frankie Truefrost?" forward. This is where i leave her to go into this dark tanned mans office, where we all know he's going to fuck her on camera.

She gets into the office, they go through all her details, he makes her laugh, pours her a glass of water, whilst he's setting up the camera. She signed a few documents to say she's aware of what's about to happen to her, then he leads her to a small studio area, which is basically a leather sofa, surrounded by plain white walls.

The camera is set onto a tri-pod, and her askes her to go and sit on the sofa.

He then joins her, and starts to kiss her. After a few minutes, her takes the straps down of her dress to expose her large pierced tits. He compliments her on a great set, then puts his hand between her legs whilst still playing with her tits.

He stands, and tells her to undo his trousers. Through her training Frankie knows this is all important parts. So she kisses at his bulge through his jeans, and slowly licks the outside of his trousers, teasing him as much as she can. Then slowly undoes his belt, and pulls his trousers down. Again she kisses at his hard cock through his boxers, before sliding them down too. He's taken his T-Shirt off now. She puts his thick hard tip into her mouth, without using her hands. She lets the tongue stud rub around the very end of his helmet. Then licks up and down his shaft, before taking hold of it and ramming it into her mouth. His dick is too big for her little mouth, but she tires her hardest to get as much of it in as poss.

She sucks, licks, kisses and nibbles as him for as long as he lets her, until he tells her to stand and take the rest of clothes off. She does as instructed, but put her high heel shoes back on, to make herself look a little sluttier. He then fucks her every which way her likes. She takes it all, she gives back. Every now and then she sucks her cum off his cock, to remind him how good she his with her tongue.

He asks how she likes it, and she tells him that her Master wants her to take it rough. So he grabs her hair and fucks her harshly from behind. Frankie tells him he can choke her if he wants. The guy is loving his job right now.

Whilst he's ramming himself in and out of her, she reaches back and pushes two fingers into her tight arse, and fingers herself whilst he watches and fucks harder.

He takes the hint, and slowly pushes his cock into her butt. Her arse is so tight, but she takes him completely, and after only a few minutes of screwing her arse, he pulls out and grabs his cock. Frankie knows, and gets on her knees mouth open wanting to take his cum. He blows his load over her face and tits, she sucks him before he can finish cumming, and lets it trickle down her chin as she continues to pleasure his pulsing cock.

Then we just have to wait to see if she gets the job or not??

In the mean time we just have to keep practicing for her call back audition...

-Camping trip with Fuck Buddy

Although Frankie often fantasizes about random Strangers using her body to make themselves feel good. We both also like the idea of Frankie being married to me, but also having a regular Fuck-Buddy or Boyfriend that she play away from home with too.

This guy would be friends with us both, and it would be totally out in the open with all three of us. Frankie would sometimes text me to say she's staying over 'M's house that weekend, or i would come back and find Frankie and M in bed together, but it would be cool with all of us. M would be friends with Frankie and M, and hang out with us both, together and separately.

She once described a fantasy of hers, that me and M had planned to do some Mountaineering together- in Scotland, and she's asked to come. Originally we'd both said 'No', as it was a guys weekend, and we weren't there to sight see or shop, but to hit the highlands and peak some Monroe's.

But after changing into some revealing 'New Clothes' she'd bought especially for the trip, we both agreed she could come. We spend a while getting up there. Frankie gets bored, so we play dares. She'd dared to flash her tits at Truck Drivers, so she does. She dares me and M to sit in the front of Car naked for a full 15 mins... We do.

I dare M to get in the back with Frankie and make her cum, whilst i drive us and watch in the rear view mirrors.... He does!!

Once we're fully dressed and our heads are back in the game a little. We find our Campsite.

Rock up, pitch tent, and start unloading our gear.

That night we have one of our Kinky threesomes. All three of us totally naked in the hot, sticky, humid tent together. Minds a blur with downing several bottles of Vino. We're just about to spitroast her when we hear new people pitching up and setting up tents near ours. Annoyingly, these sound like Boy Scouts.

So M rolls Frankie onto her front, clasps his hand tight around her mouth, and slowly enters her whilst laying on her back. She moans against his hand but he's muffled her, so no one outside can hear her being fucked by the pair of us.

He pumps away he in for a few minutes, before pulling out.

I roll her onto her back, i tell M to lay along side her, i then get on top of her and slide into where my friends she left. He again clamps hold of her mouth whilst i fuck her hard. Together we spent the next few hours putting her into several positions and fucking her. One fucks and one keeps her quiet. Team work.

We speak lots about Frankie having a Boyfriend as well as Husband/Master.

There's so many different Scenarios that we discuss whilst playing with one another, both mentally and physically.

Slave Training;

As i've already alluded to, Frankie is Sub. She likes to think of herself as an actual Sex Slave.

Her training began when we both lived in two different countries. We used to meet in the middle, which was England or sometimes France- for us, and book into various hotels. One particular became our favourite. The Bull.

The Bull is old old fashioned, large roomed, elegant old building. I used to pick up my case that contained everything needed for her training.

The case contained restraints to tie her to the bed, a blindfold, leather neck collar, leather hand cuffs, riding crop, candles, tape, her first butt plug, and an assortment of different dildos/vibrators.

Here i spent days teaching through reward and punishment the basic principles of BDSM.

Frankie spent many hours tied to the bed, or the chair or obediently on her knees. This is where she realised- how much she enjoyed having all of her holes used at the same-time, and how fast she cums whilst being DP'd.

If you ask Frankie now, she'll tell you it was her favourite sex in her whole life.

Now baring in mind how nervous she was when we first started her training,- she wouldn't even take her top off, or show me her boobs.

So after a year of training i told her that her final test approached...

She was to meet me, my friend 'Hound', 'Matt' and 'M' in the Bull where the three of them would be using her all night long together, whilst i watched and marked her performance.

(Point to note; this was make believe, no one knew of Frankie's Slave training, the guys weren't coming at all...)

We arranged a time, she turned up, i went to meet her in the Lobby.

She was dressed as she was meant to be, wearing nothing but strappy shoes, her over coat and the BDSM style necklace i bought her to mark her as a Slave. She looked beautiful, and she had actually shown not, she was shaking she was so nervous, but she'd come, believing that three guys she'd only meant a few time in the past were there, waiting to abuse all her holes.

She'd passed my test.

As a reward- i did all the things that i know she loved, and that sent her crazy.

But when we look back and talk about that final test, she often says she was actually a little disappointed that there were no guys waiting there to use and abuse her.

So now, when i'm playing with her wet little pussy, i talk to her about when she arrived for that final test, and she walks into the room, and there's me, her Master, sat with 3 other men, all dressed in black suits, white shirts, black ties, and we talk of the hours of degradation, double penetration, punishments and Spit-roasting that follows.

So that's also one of her most favourite fantasies when she's strumming herself!!