Written by Sexymilf

20 Sep 2009

when I reached 45, I decided, since the kids had left home, it was time I had some fun. I'd hoped that my boring husband would lighten up and become more adventurous with more time and freedom, but no, same old Saturday night '5 mins fumbling foreplay 10 mins missionary fucking than asleep'.

So, here I am at 50: new flat, new toy boy (35 and randy as hell) getting loads of sex and even earning pin money at it by escorting a little!

My first client was by accident. I'd been away from home getting some 'me time' in London and after a show I as relaxing in the hotel bar. There was some kind of conference going on and the place was full of confident, attractive (RICH!) young men. One in particular paid me a lot of attention, which was flattering, and normally I'd have taken him up on the offer but I was tired and he was still in his 20's for god's sake! To put him off I said, flippantly, 'You can't afford me.'

He just grinned and said 'You'd be surprised what I can afford'. That sounded promising, but I had to say 'Are you worth what they pay you?' He just replied 'Are you?'

That was it, I decided to give him the shag of his life!

'Give me £100 and you'll find out. What's your room number?'

He told me and I said 'OK, let's go.'

Te rest you'll see tomorrow if I get any feedback