Written by nick

12 Mar 2018

sam the barman at our local pub had shagged my wife nicola last week and she wants to make it a regular thing,so saterday when sam finishes his shift at 6 we were in the pub waiting for him. at 6 he got us a drink and joined us in the lounge, nicola was looking realy hot in a short wrap around dress which easily showed her stocking tops .as she smiled at me i got up and went to the gents,when i returned sam had moved in next to nicola adn her dress was open enough to see her suspenders and black lace thong and his hand stroking her stocking top,then nicola reminded me the rugby was on tv in the bar and just smiled, so i left them and went to watch the match,at half time i looked in the lounge to find them gone,to our house i assumed, at the end of the match i went back into the bar,and called nicola to ask how it was going,she said she would be back in about 20 minutes and tell me all about it. when she got back she said she had to go to the ladies to tidy herself up,strange i thought why not do that at home, when she came back and sat down all was revealed,they had not left the car park,sam had parked at the top end of the car park where it is quite remote,and in seconds had her knickers off and fingered her pussey till she orgasmed and her juices ran down his fingers and hand,then she undid his jeans and took out his hard cock which she remindered me was bigger than mine,after stroking it for a few minutes she took it in her mouth and sucked him stopping now and then to lick off his pre cum juices,when sam told her he was about to come she thrussed her head down on his cock taking every inch of it and he shot his load into the back of her throat and swallowed every drop, he then removed her dress and they played about till he was ready to take her, the car being small nicola wanted to be fucked over the bonnet but thought it a bit risky,but sam said fuck it lets try it, so nicola in just in her stockings and suspenders went over the bonnet and sam gave her a couple of fingers to get her going,then he gave her a very good fucking pounding her pussey while gripping on to her suspenders,and nicola noticed he was trying to play with her arse at the same time,she moaned with pleasure and sam took the hint, he pulled out of her pusseyand used nicolas juices to lube her arse, and rubbed the head of his cock around her stretched hole, are you sure he asked,please do it she said and he slowly pushed it into her,if it hurts tell me he said she replied just take it slow soon he had his full length in her and she was begging for more, harder she cried as he fucked her arse at now a good pace,and she had the best ever orgasm as he exploded into her arse and his cream ran down her as he pulled out, then she licked him clean ,dressed and came back to me,sam told her to thank me, and could it be a regular thing, and the drinks are on him all week,