Written by Roger

5 Sep 2009

My name is Roger, aged 45 and my wife is Julie, who is 48. We live in Belfast and have 2 grown children who have now moved away from home.

For years the thought of my wife having sex with other men has been a very great turn on for me. Sometimes in bed when we\'re fucking, I ask her if she would like to have a new cock in her. She usually ignored my question and just carried on fucking and sucking. However, one night recently she responded by saying that after all the years of having sex only with me, that she\'d be game to try another guy out, but not with any of my friends or anyone who lived nearby.

I asked her if she was serious the following morning and she replied that it was a thing that had been turning her on for quite some time and the thrill of thinking about trying out a new cock wasn\'t entirely one sided, as i\'d expected.

We had booked a holiday in France in late August and I suggested that if she saw someone who turned her on, she could have sex with him if the opportunity arose. Julie laughed and agreed that it seemed a wiser idea than just shagging some guy at the local pub. The one thing that she stressed was that if she did find someone to have fun with, it would have to be in private. She said that she couldn\'t and wouldn\'t perform in front of me.

We flew from Belfast International Airport to Nice on 22nd August. Hired a car and drove to the chalet which we had rented in St Raphael, between Cannes and Saint Tropez. We spent the remainder of the first day, looking round the town and shopping at a market. Julie bought a new thong bikini as she had promised that she\'d go topless on the beach as a treat for me.

We tried out a local bar that evening and ended up sitting at a table with a guy called Jude from Walsall.

Jude told us that he wasn\'t actually on holiday and that he was in France to give evidence at an inquest, where a man had died after being involved in a car accident in June, while he was touring France with his wife in their camper. He hoped to be going home the day after next.

The next day Julie and I tried out the beach. She was a bit shy about going topless at first, but put on her thong bikini anyway. She was getting lots of admiring glances from guys half her age and gradually got the confidence to take off her top. We spent all afternoon swimming and sunbathing on the beach. She even got involved in a ball game in the surf with a group of young guys and didn\'t complain when they grabbed her to get the ball from her. In-fact, it was fairly obvious that she was enjoying the close contact and their hands all over her nearly naked, slim body I just couldn\'t resist taking some candid video footage of her as she played in the surf.

Later on that evening, we ran into Jude in the same bar. He informed us that he\'d be going home the next morning, as the inquest had finished. Julie was in good spirits and we all seemed to get on very well together. I showed Julie the video clips which i\'d taken and she immediately handed the camera to Jude to have a look. He seemed a bit embarrassed at first at seeing Julie dressed only in a skimpy thong, but was obviously impressed and complimented her on her good figure.

When Jude went off to the bar for a round of drinks, Julie told me nervously that she\'d like to invite Jude back to our Chalet later on. I knew what she meant and asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. She was obviously very aroused and just nodded Yes.

Julie asked Jude to come back to our Chalet for something to eat and for some more to drink and he agreed to accompany us. As we walked the mile or so back to the Chalet, Julie chatted nearly non stop to Jude and clung on to his arm like a limpet. We arrived and Jude and I sat by the small pool while Julie went off to make coffee and something to eat. She returned after a few minutes with the food and was wearing just the bikini thong which she\'d had on earlier that day on the beach.

Julie asked Jude if he would like to join her in the pool and he said that he would, so she ran off to get him a pair of swimming trunks. I decided to leave them this stage and made an excuse about putting the car in the garage. I took my time and when I returned, the pool was empty and the door to the bedroom was closed. I could hear moaning from the bedroom and the unmistakable sound of skin slapping against skin. I tried to imagine just what Julie was doing with Jude and could hardly wait till later, when i\'d find out all about it.

I poured myself another drink and sat by the pool. After about half an hour, Julie and Jude and emerged from the bedroom. I heard the front door opening and then after a few moments it closed again. Julie rejoined me at the pool, she was naked. She said, \"Jude has gone\" I looked at her and asked, Was it good?

Julie simply sat down opposite me and opened her legs wide. Traces of sperm were still visible around her shaved pussy she rubbed her clit with her index finger, before licking it clean

\"Sloppy seconds\" ? she asked me, with a cheeky smile, or should I shower first. I didn\'t need asked twice and trailed her off to the bedroom, threw her down on the bed and plunged my rigid cock into her slimy cunt. We fucked like demons, she clawed my back and made me call her a dirty whore. I\'d never seen her as wild in bed before. She kept saying, \"Fuck me harder, I\'m just a dirty slut\"

All too soon it was over and I emptied my load in her pussy. As I withdrew, she went down and licked my cock clean. she looked up at me and said, \"I did this for Jude too\" I had already guessed that.

The next morning we talked frankly about what had happened the previous night and we were both at ease with everything. Julie said that she would be game for another sexual encounter if it came her way and we still had more than a week of our holiday to go.

The next week turned out to be very event full indeed. Even after over 20 years of marriage,I had no idea that Julie could be so sexually uninhibited.