Written by Jeff

13 Oct 2009

Back in August my wife and I had booked a holiday cottage in France for 3 weeks. We had found a place which was very secluded with a pool and not overlooked to get an allover tan. About 3 weeks before we were due to go her boss asked her if she would cancel her holiday because of staff on the sick. Due to the recession and not wanting to risk her job she reluctantly agreed. I was not well pleased and decided that I would go any way.

A day or so later I was chating to Jo, who works in a local shop, and relating my tale. She said that atleast I was getting a holiday and that she couldn't afford one. Half jokingly I suggested she should come with me, she laughed and replied that she didn't think my wife would approve. The following lunchtime I saw Jane sheltering from the rain after her shift and offered her a lift home. She accepted and I drove to her flat and was invited in for coffee. After talking for a few minutes she suddenly asked if I serious about the holiday offer. To be honest this caught be unaware and to my suprise I said yes. She asked where we were going and I described the cottage and explained that it had been chosen to allow nude sunbathing but if she did not want to I wouldn't. She just smiled and had a twinkle in her eye.

Three weeks later I picked her up and we got a night crossing to France and drove to the cottage arriving late in the afternoon where we were met by the caretaker with the keys. The weather was very hot and we both needed showers. Jo went first and came out with a towel wrappped round her. I showered, put on a pair of shorts and went out to the pool to find Jo on a lounger wearing just a tiny string.

Jo has just turned 40 has dark hair, is slim with smallish firm tits, little hard nipples and a nice arse. Seeing her almost naked for the first time her body was better than I had imagined and my cock began to stiffen. As I approached she smiled and I noticed her looking at my hairless body and legs as I always shave my body hair. She reached out and ran her fingers up my leg remarking how much she liked the feel and then with a smile said "I thought that you wanted to sunbathe nude". She then sat up and slipped both hands in to the waistband of my shorts and started to pull them down. As they dropped to the floor I could see her looking at my shaved cock and balls before cupping my balls in her hand and running her fingers to my arse whilst leaning forward and licking the tip of my now erect prick. I reached down and undid the ties of her string and pulled it away revealing her pussy which had dark neatly trimmed hair. She stopped what she was doing, parted her legs and and put her hand on her clit and gently rubbed while I stroked my cock. She then said "I've never been with a bloke who is shaved but I think it looks and feels nice. Go and get your shaving kit, I want you to shave my pussy".

When I returned Jo was lying on the lounger, eyes closed, legs spread, fingering herself. Her breathing was quickening so I stroked my prick as I watched her wank, until she orgasmed. I then came over her tits and she scooped it up using the fingers which had been in her cunt which she then licked clean. She then lay back saying "I enjoyed that, I love to watch while a man wanks and cums. Do you want to shave me now?, I want my cunt to be as smoothly shaved as as your prick so I can feel everything when you fuck me tonight".

I spread shaving foam over her pussy and using a fresh razor all the hair was soon removed.

Time was getting on and we decided that we would go out to eat. We went to the bedroom to get ready and she selected a short skirt, hold up stockings a thin top and high heel sandals. No bra or panties her tits were firm enough not to need one and she said she wanted to feel the air on her pussy.

The nearest restaurant was about a 10 minute drive. On arrival I noticed that all the men couldn't keep their eyes off her and realised that in the restaurant lighting her top was completly see-thro and her naked tits were fully visible. I whispered in her ear telling her and she just smiled and said "I know, it turns me on, my pussy is getting wet already, them thinking it is accidental".We ordered drinks, wine for Jo and a soft drink for me as I don't drink alcohol. By the end of the meal and several glasses of wine later Jo was slightly drunk. We decided to have coffee in the seperate bar area and she ordered a large Brandy. All the tables were taken leaving only the stools at the bar. Jo sat on one flashing plenty of stocking top as she did giving a couple of blokes in their 30's a good look. Whilst we waited for the coffee I went to find the toilets. On my return Jo had her back to me and was facing the two men but looking across the room. They were both openly staring at her and I soon realised why when I looked in the mirror behind them and saw that she was sitting with her legs apart and her freshly shaved cunt fully on display. I walked over as the coffee was served and noticed that no one else could see that Jo was showing all. The two men then got up and came over and started talking to us in good english, where were we from, where were we staying and suggesting places to visit etc. By now it was getting late and I suggested that it was time to leave, Jo agreed but as we left invited them both to the cottage the following day. We got back to the car which was parked in a quiet well lit area. I unlocked it and got in, Jo meanwhile was standing in front of the car as I watched she removed her top undid her skirt and slipped it off before climbing in wearing just stockings and heels. As I drove she turned on the interior light, reached down and masturbated for the 10 minutes it took to drive back. She obviously had an exhibitionist streak and to be honest I was excited by her behaviour and ready to fuck her. As we walked to the house I grabbed her and kissed her pinching a nipple with one hand and rubbing her soaking wet cunt with the other.

When we got to the bedroom I could see that she was so aroused that the tops of her legs and stockings were soaked with cunt juice. As I undressed I noticed she was looking in my case and had reached into one of the pockets which I realised contained a selection of sex aids. She turned around holding a heavy metal ring and asked what it was. I explained that it was a cock ring and went around my cock and balls to keep me hard for longer. She asked me to put it on as she hadn't seen one before or been fucked by anyone wearing one and if it made me harder even better. As I slipped it on she continued removing the items from the case including several other cock rings and a vibrating butt plug which she held up saying, with a laugh, "I know what this is".

By now I had the ring on and Jo knelt down and started licking my balls before running her tongue up my hard shaft and taking the tip of my prick between her lips and gently sucking before taking more deeper into her mouth and moving her head up and down sucking harder as she did. Soon I was rock hard and the ring was tight around my cock and balls. Jo allowed my prick to slip from her mouth and stroked my cock saying that the ring seemed to work. She then turned around and bent over the bed with her pert arse towards me, reached between her open legs and stroked her clit before using her fingers to part her lips and insert three fingers into her wet cunt. I got behind and began sliding my prick along her slit while she rubbed her clit before she held my cock against her clit and moved her hips to slide against me. We were both getting close by now and she released my cock saying

"Fuck me now. I want to feel your prick in me. Cum in my cunt". I slid my cock into her, moving slowly in and out so that with each stroke the tip rubbed her clit. As I pushed in her pussy I put a finger against her tight arse hole and rubbed with little circular movements slowly working it in and out as she pressed back before reaching for and inserting the butt plug and switching it on.

As I fucked her I could feel the vibrations against my prick. We were both close by now, as we fucked I could feel Jo's fingers rubbing her clit again and her breath quickening as she gasped "Fuck me harder. Make me cum", then "I'm cumming, I want you to cum in me". I could hold back no longer and felt myself spurt deep into her cunt which I could feel spasm and grip my cock as she came. I slowly withdrew as she rolled onto her back with her legs wide apart and I watched her reach down and collect my sperm as it leaked out of her beautiful shaven haven before once again licking them clean. By now be were both well satisfied and ready for a good nights sleep.

The next thing I knew it was 10 am and I had been woken by the sound of car doors slaming. I looked out the bedroom window and recognised the two French men from the night before. I woke Jo and told her. She just smiled and got out of bed saying "I'd better go better go and welcome them" and then as I looked out the window, she opened the front door and walked, out completly naked to greet them. But that is another story!