Written by Jeff

14 Oct 2009

In part one I described how I ended up on holiday with Jo and how during a filthy first night she had invited two french blokes to visit the cottage the following day. They had arrived at about 10 am and she had gone outside, completely naked, to meet them. Watching from the window I could see her sitting on the bonnet of their car, legs slightly apart, with one hand resting on her pussy and her finger tips slowly rotating on her clitoris, as she spoke to them.

Whilst watching I thought back to our conversations during the journey down. She had made clear that she was up for it, that she hoped to be fucked regularly and that getting away from the small town we live in was an opportunity to really let go. She also reminded me that a few months previously she had asked if I was married to which I had replied yes and that my wifes name was Jane. She said she had never seen us together and thought I was unattached. Then, to my surprise, she revealed that the reason she\'d asked was because she\'d intended to ask me out which explained her willingness to come to France.

Meanwhile, outside Jo was standing next to the car as the two french men got in and drove off. She came into the bedroom and told me their names were Pierre and Jean and explained that she had told them to return in the afternoon and that if they wanted to fuck her to bring condoms. But firstly we both needed to shower and clean up after the previous nights activities. While she showered I shaved and then, as she watched, spread foam on my cock, balls and pubic area and shaved them. When I\'d finished she asked for the foam and a razor and quickly made sure her pussy remained totally smooth while I showered.

When we were both finished she asked me to put on a cock ring and selected a Gear Essentials celtic engraved ring which was thick and heavy. I put it on and she picked up a bag as we went out to the pool. Jo lay on her front and reaching into her bag handed me sun oil to rub on her. I started at her shoulders rubbing in oil as I worked my way down her back and legs and then up to her arse to which I paid particular attention as she parted her legs allowing me to finger her puckered hole and pussy. She then rolled over and I oiled her front gently rubbing her tits and squeezing her now rock hard nipples before dripping oil on to her bald cunt, reaching down and and massaging her erect clit in little circular movements which I\'d noticed seemed to get her aroused very quickly. Her hand was between my legs, first pushing a finger against my arsehole then running her nails across my balls before taking hold of my cock and slowly wanking me. After a few minutes of this Jo spread her legs wider and began jerking her hips up and down and pressing my hand harder against her clit before crying out, clamping her thighs on my hand as as she orgasmed. Once she had calmed down she looked at my still hard cock and pushing me back onto the lounger said \"Your turn now\". With one hand she continued stroking my prick whilst she slowly inserted a finger of the other hand in my arse before leaning forward and taking me in her mouth. As she moved her head down and took more of my cock I knew I wouldn\'t last long and after moving her head up and down six or so times sucking as she did I could hold back no longer and came in her mouth and she immediately swallowed.

After a quick swim in the pool to cool off we both lay on the loungers to work on our tans.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I heard was a sound from behind me. I sat up and looked and saw that Jo had attached the sucker of a large black dildo to the tiles around the pool. It was penis shaped, about 12 inches long and looked about as wide as a milk bottle. She then reached for her bag and removed a tube of silicon lube, poured some onto her hand and spread it over the dildo before handing me the tube, laying back and with both her hands holding her pussy wide open and asking me to make sure that she was well lubricated. I poured lube on to her open sex and slowly worked my hand into her until she had taken it almost to the wrist. Deciding that she was ready Jo stood over the dildo and lowered her self towards the gleaming tip. As it touched her lips she let out a little sigh and reached between her legs to help it enter her. She had just got the first inch or so in when we heard a car pull up around the front and two doors slam. A moment later the gate at the side of the house opened and Pierre and Jean appeared.

They were about 10 yards away and stopped dead at the sight of Jo with the dildo entering her pussy, but she called them across and they sat down beside her. As we all watched she sank lower and lower as the dildo slowly slid into her stretching her cunt wide. When she could take no more she started to raise her self using the lads for support. As she slid it back in she told them both to get undressed because she wanted them both to fuck her. They quickly stripped and stood either side of her stroking their hardening cocks with one hand and kneading and pinching her tits with the other. Jo by now was practically kneeling with the dildo deep inside her pussy. She reached out and took a prick in each hand, Pierres was about 7\" and quite thick and Jeans was about 9\" but thinner. I got behind her to hold her steady, gently rubbing a nipple and running my hand down over her body to reach and tweak her clit, whilst she turned her head and sucked one prick and then the other. Their cocks were both hard and it was obvious that they both wanted to fuck her. She stopped sucking and slowly stood up letting the dildo slip out as she did so. She then said to them \"If you want to fuck me you have to wear a condom\". They both reached for their clothes and produced a pack. Jo took them and rolled one on to each of them. She then grabbed hold of Pierre, turned around, bent over the lounger and opened her legs as he rubbed his cock against her and entered her. I noticed that despite the size of the dildo her cunt had returned to normal and was gripping his prick tightly. Watching Jo get fucked was hugely exciting and as I watched I was stroking my erect cock while Jo looked on and then indicated she wanted my unsheathed prick in her mouth. As she was fucked from behind she was taking me deeper and deeper until my cock was practically down her throat. With a few more thrusts Pierre came and slid his softening cock out of her as I moved back so Jo could move.

She then told Jean to lie on the lounger. He lay there stroking his prick as Jo spread her legs and straddled him before sinking down on him and taking his full length into her well used and extremely wet cunt. As she slid his cock in and out Jo was getting more and more excited. As I stood beside her she reached for my swollen cock and said \"I want you to fuck me in the arse\". I grabbed the lube from the seat and lubed my prick, as I moved behind her she lent forward over Jean allowing me access to her arse. I rubbed and pressed my cock against her tight hole and slowly it opened up and I slid right in for my full length. Jo gasped as she felt me start to fuck her arsehole, moving in and out with slow steady strokes, whilst at the same time having her cunt fucked. I could tell from the movement that Jean had cum and he had wriggled out from underneath her and was standing with Pierre watching me fuck Jo up the arse. Jo had cum several times but she was busy rubbing her clit to orgasm, as she did she cried \"Take your prick out and cum on my bum\" As I came she sank down onto the lounger looking like a total slut, lying there with spunk on her back and running down between her cheeks. Pierre and Jean helped her to her feet and both kissed her and thanked her. We were hot and certainly needed a shower after all the activity, we went in to the cottage and while we showered she told me it was the first time she had been arse fucked or fucked by two men at the same time. When we went back out to the pool they had both left and we didn\'t see them again..