Written by Jeff

15 Oct 2009

After the exertion of the day and the previous night we decided to have an early night. Jo said she didn't want to fuck but talk about the things we had done. She'd already told me that prior to coming away she hadn't been fucked for almost a year. She'd had a partner who preferred to go down the pub with his mates, and had usually been to pissed to do anything (stupid fucker!), and had thrown him out about 6 months earlier. Since then she had bought a selection of vibrators and dildos and had been using them almost every night whilst fantasising about various sexual adventures. One of her fantasies had been to be fucked by two men at the same time and she could hardly believe that it had come true and that she had done it for real, an experience she hoped to repeat! The other thing that had got her really wet and excited was exposing her tits and pussy in the restaurant and said she wanted to try it again, but during the day and somewhere more public.

We then spent most of the rest of the week getting a tan, swimming and of course fucking.

On the Friday morning I was awoken by Jo stroking my cock and then sliding down the bed and taking me in her mouth. She was sucking and licking me when my mobile phone started ringing. She quickly sat up, grabbed the phone and glancing at the caller id handed it to me, saying "It's Jane, you'd better answer it", before bending back down and continue to suck my stiff prick. Believe me chatting to your wife whilst another woman is sucking you off is not easy!!! Jo was determined to make me cum and as I did I must have made a noise which caught Jane's attention and she asked if I was OK. I replied that I was a bit stiff (true) and just getting comfortable. Jo then sat in front of me grinning and dribbling cum out of her mouth and rubbing it on to her tits until I rang off.

After we'd showered I told Jo we needed to go and do some shopping and that I would choose something for her to wear. Looking in her case I found a very loose vest top which revealed her tits from the sides and would hang open if she bent forwards and a pair of faded cut off jeans which I picked up and handing her the top said I would be back with the cut offs. I went to the Kitchen and found some sharp scissors and got to work. When I'd finished I gave them to her to put on. She turned her back and pulled them on. From the back they were cut high and the bottom of her cheeks were uncovered. She turned around and with a smile showed the front which I had cut to a V leaving just the narrow seam between her legs.

We decided to go to one of the large out off town Hypermarkets about 20 miles away. When we arrived I deliberately parked about 200 yards from the supermarket entry which meant walking across an almost empty area and passed the incoming traffic. We could see drivers slowing and trying not to stare at her barely covered pussy. Outside we got a trolley which she pushed in front of her whilst we shopped. As we walked around she bent over or reached high shelves exposing her tits and bum. When she saw a bloke she liked she made a point of crouching down by a low shelf resting her bum on her ankles with her legs apart so he could see the narrow seam which had slipped between her cunt lips which by now were clearly on view and glistening with her juices. She was amused and excited at the obvious effect she was having. At the glass deli counter she waited to be served by a young lad who blushed bright red when she reached down and pulled the tight cloth from her pussy and held it to one side exposing her wet and puffy cunt whilst she made an adjustment. By now she was starting to get a bit to much attention and I noticed a couple of security guards heading our way, so we made our way quickly to the checkout and left.

Back at the car she asked how far we were from the Mediterranean, and when I said about an hour, asked if any of the beaches allowed nude bathing. From previous visits to France I was aware of one and said we could go there if she liked. Fortunately we had to pass the cottage so dropped off the shopping and packed towels, oil and Jo's "Toy Bag" and set the Sat Nav to direct us to the beach.

We arrived at the beach which was clearly indicated and seemed to be at least 2 miles long and about 300yds wide, backed by low dunes and then flat marsh behind. Being late August, the French holidays had mostly finished, and the beach was fairly quiet and uncrowded with most people near the waters edge. We both stripped off and walked along behind the dunes looking for a secluded spot because after the shopping trip we were both desperate for a fuck. I spotted a dip which seemed well screened, surrounded by tallish grass and bushes and headed for it. On reaching it we found we had been beaten to it by another couple who'd had the same idea. The woman was on her back with her legs spread with the man licking her while she sucked him in the 69 position. Jo's reaction was to reach for my hardening cock and I slipped my fingers into to her wet pussy. The couple had obviously heard us and looked up and smiled when they saw what we were doing, and said something to us in Dutch. We both looked blank so he then tried English. "Come down and join us if you like". I looked at Jo who nodded and we walked to them and laid out our towels. They introduced themselves as Hago and Caroline. Caroline was similar to Jo, slim with small tits, firm arse but her pussy had a strip of fair wispy hair above her clit but shaved between her legs. Hago was about 6 foot, fair and quite muscular. The thing that had got Jo's attention was his prick which was about 8 or 9 inches, very thick and still fully erect. He took her hand and placed it on his cock then pulled her forwards and asking her if she liked it and wanted to suck it. Her answer was to drop to her knees and take it in her mouth and start licking and sucking, trying to swallow as much as she could.

Caroline had layed back on the towels and parted her legs she stuck her tongue out and made licking motions and pointed at her pussy. I got down and started licking her and nibbling her clit whilst out of the corner of my eye I could see Jo's head moving up and down Hago's cock.

After several minutes I heard him say Jo "I want to fuck you". She just nodded and stood up. Hago then picked her up and lifted her so that her pussy was above his prick and slowly lowered her penetrating her as had did so. Caroline moved and said that I should lie on my back below Jo so I would have a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt while she straddled me and I fucked her. Jo was getting more and more aroused and was crying out as he fucked faster until she shuddered and came, followed by him jerking and grunting has he emptied his load. He didn't remove his cock but stood there supporting Jo, both watching, as Caroline moved to the doggy position and I continued fucking her from behind. Hago then lifted her off his cock and then still supporting her weight under her thighs turned her round and moved towards Caroline who put her head between Jo's parted legs and began to lick her cunt and swallow his cum as it dripped out. Jo was soon panting and shaking as she came on her tongue and I shot my load up Caroline.

When we had all calmed back down and cleaned up a bit we chatted about our holidays and where we'd been. Hago then asked if we had been to nightclub nearby which had some wild parties. We said we hadn't and he asked if we would like to go with them that night. Jo of course said she couldn't as she had nothing suitable to wear. But Caroline told her not to worry as they were both about the same size and was sure she had something that Jo would like. She then invited us back to their villa if we wanted to go with them to the club. We both agreed and after packing up walked back to the car park and followed them to the villa.

What happened at the villa and the club will have to wait.