9 Feb 2019

Continuing on from Fuerta fun on the 1st of April....

It was now 6 oclockish Carol Fiona and I packed up the beach stuff and headed back to the wee villa complex with 12 apartments. Carol was still very merry and walked hand in hand with Fiona. As they chatted Fee as she liked to be called explained how she loved to have sex with a couple and that was why she was with her French friends from Paris. After Fee watched us fucking before she had told her friends Peter and Susanne and her friends thought it would be fun to see if we would join them for some on the beach fun and Fees idea to chat to us. Peet and Sue were heading out early that evening to ElColtilo to eat.

We were all sticky and sand covered when we left the beach and on arriving back in our apartment the first thing was to get striped off again. I sorted out drinks as Carol and Fee went to the shower together. As Walked into the wet room they were all soaped up and were washing each other I passed over the drinks and Carol took a long swallow and half emptied the G&T Fee did the same, I took back the glasses and continued to watch them stroke and finger each other. Chatting about underwear it was decided that Carol needed a tidy up shave and in short order Fee had removed Carols wee strip to leave her smooth. They finished in the shower and drying each other headed through to the bedroom I passed back the drinks as they both stopped to kiss and feel my stiffening cock. "Your turn for the shower, Oh and you need a tidy up shave as well you are a bit prickely" said Carol "Nice if we are all smooth" said Fee.

After about five min I was clean sand free and smooth, I collected my drink from the living room and walked through to the bedroom. What a sexy sight Carol was now dressed in her new white basque and white stockings showing of her tan, Fee was waring a pair of black lacy toped holdups. Carol was on her back bum on the edge of the bed, legs wide open with legs in the air, eyes closed and whimpering and moaning. Fee was kneeling on the floor between Carols legs licking and sucking. I put down my glass and started to stroke Fees bum which she wiggled against my hand. Without taking her mouth or now finger as well from Carols pussy she changed position and lifted her ass up as she stood legs apart, what an invitation my now stiff cock slipped easily into her wet pussy. I started to stroke in and out slowly, Fee moaned and Carol open her eyes looking straight at me exclaimed "Your fucking Her" Yes I replied "and she is licking and finger fucking you!!! do you like it?" with a loud groan she shut her eyes again and said "Oh fuck she is going to make me come..."

I continued to slide in and out of Fee gently as I watched her bring Carol to a massive climax with her legs quivering as she locked them around Fees head as she came.

Fee moved up onto the bead to straddle Carols mouth with her wet pussy and I took hold of Carols in the air outstreached legs, she had just come she was still panting and was very wet and I slid fully in on the first push, I fucked her hard and deep my ball bouncing off her ass and she was coming again, then again.

We all relaxed for a while and finished our drinks, "I want more" said Carol her voice a bit slurred "More fucking and more Gin"

I went to get more drinks and I herd Fee say "I want to lick his come from your pussy" When I returned they were 69ing with Carol on top, she looked at me and said "Fuck me hard" and with Fee licking and sucking her clit and my balls thats just what I did until we both came. As I filled her pussy Fee slid a finger into my ass which had me quivering. I pulled out to watch Fee enjoy the dripping come sliding two fingers into Carols full pussy to pump out more come to slurp up. Carol now very much ready to crash sleepily said "I want to watch you fuck her"

Fee started to suck my softening cock back to hard and after a few min we realised we had lost our audience, Carol was asleep, Fee and I stopped and moved out of the bedroom to the living room to chat which we did for about an hour. We talked about her friends Peet and Sue and how they hoped we would join them on the beach the next day there last of the holiday, I said I hoped we would but would have to see how Carol was the next morning as she was pretty drunk.

We stood chatting together in the dark of the balcony Fee still with the stockings on and me still naked, the lights went on in Fees apartment and her friends were home. Now it was about 9 o'clock "Would you like to come and meet them? We could have some more fun" said Fee. I decided I should stay and keep an eye on Carol, so we kissed and next thing it was "I want your come in me when I go back down" Fee sat on the edge of the outside table and wrapped her stocking clad legs around my lower back, fucking slowly to start with and finishing with us both coming hare and loud as we nipped each others nipples, just three hours after we had first met. Wow

With my come dripping snail slime like down her left thigh towards the stocking top , we kissed and without getting dressed she slipped out the door into the night. Back on the dark balcony to finish my drink and calm down I saw her still in stockings at the window downstairs with her naked friends fondeling her. A female voice in the dark to the right giggled "That was nice"

Later that night Carol was ill and the next morning still very hung over and still not feeling well she went back to bed.

I however went to the beach for the afternoon and got to meet Peter and Suesanne........