Written by Exausted 50 year old

22 Jun 2008

Hi there,

Remember my true story about what happened after the Christmas Party in Belfast which I posted in the new year.

I had been having a steamy affair with Clare in the office, I must explain that Claire is 30 (I\'m early 50\'s) and she is the sexiest horniest women I have ever known. She would fuck anywhere at any time. I must tell you sometime about the drive through carwash.

If you remember I got seduced by Clare and the Director\'s PA who is a snotty/bossy woman coming up to her 60\'s and ended up fucking them both.

The new year came and we were as busy as usual in the office and on the first Friday afternoon in the office (we close early on Friday) and muggins was busy checking off drawings on the second floor with Clare completing the run of the specifications on the first floor office. Clare\'s voice came over the PA asking that came down to the office \'cos the photoicopyier had jammed. Voice sounded sexy so I waisted no time. I must explain that the photocopy room is located under the staircase just off the reception. I made my way down and walked into the room and there was Clare naked to the waist sitting on the lay-off table. I had only this beautiful vision for a split second untill the door closed behind me and the light was switched off. I had to stop where I was but by this time Clare had slipped off the table wrapped her arms around me and with a hot breath whispered into my ears \'Fuck me\'. Some one also wrapped their arms around me from behind and with equally hot breath whispered into my right ear Fuck me too\'. I reckonised the voice as Joyce the PA. In less than five seconds that this took I had a hard on as 4 hands stripped me naked. In the dark I was completely at their mercy, Joyce was already naked and it was not long until I pulled Clare#s dress and knickers off. Clare leaded back onto the table and as her pants came off my head was guided, by Joyce to Clares cunt where I deep tongued an already wet clit. Up above Clare and Joyce were enjoying each other by the sounds they were making. Remember it was pitch black and it was impossible to see exactly what was going on especially that I was deep in Clare\'s bush and was she getting wet or what. Then I felt a pair of hands around my balls and strict instruction from Joyce to part my legs, she must have laid on her back on the floor but I was in heaven as she took first my balls and my throbbing cock in her mouth. This continuing on with Clare rising to new heights with her love juices dripping from my mouth. Joyce had nearly brought me to a climax but knew when to stop. Deep throating following with all three of in action with both girls asking to be fucked.

I lay down on the table with both tackling my throbbing cock but just relenting before I came. My eyes were getting used to the darkness and with the help of the green neon on the photocopyier and could see the breasts of both. The dim light only helped to make me hornier and I was the one who was begging to be fucked. Clare straddled me and my full length went into her cunt, Joyce was at my head as she faced Clare and rubbed her wet clit up and down my face. I could not last for long and pumped a full load into Clare. By this time I was exhausted but Joyce was still ready for fucking. Clare wanted more tongue so the roles were reversed and I deep tongued Clares clit and sucked most of my own cum out. Not swallowing Joyce grapped me and we both deep tongued, she went wild at the taste of both Clare\'s and my own cum. By this time my cock was hard again and Clare guided my cock into Joyces open cunt. It took some time for me to cum but in the meantime Clare and Joyce deep throated each other and fondled each others breasts. Clare had her hand on my balls and when she pushed her fore finger up my ass I exploded.

We spent the next half hour deep throating, sucking and licking still in the semi darkness. Eventually we had to turn the lights back on to recover our clothes but there were three very contented if exhausted faces.

And was the photocopier jammed, I\'ll never know but it was Monday evening before the job went out. Joyce was sent down to the drawing office on Monday evening to report back, in front of the other guys I told her that there were unforseen circumstances. She replied that I had done my best and next time there would be an improvement. I could see by the glint in her eyes that there would be a next time (and there was)