Written by Friend in need 2

8 Sep 2013

We stayed downstairs for a while then went upstairs to continue our sexual encounter with our guest, as it was warm we dispensed with all clothing three of us stark naked now the real sex could begin.

She laid down on the bed her legs closed the drink starting to wear off and getting a little more reserved, after what we had been up to downstairs it seemed the night was over.

Not yet though our guest laid next to her gently stroking her arms and kissing her neck I sat and watched in the chair my cock as hard as rock. The effect of his gentleness was having the desired effect.

He stroked and squeezed her breasts till her nipples became hard a sure sign that she was now up for full blown sex.

John bugger I've named him whispered in her ear she nodded and parted her legs ever so slightly then ran his hands up and down the inside of her legs without even touching her pussy.

She began to moan with pleasure her legs opening wider at each motion she parted her cunt lips now dripping wet rubbing her clitoris, my God this is a new one on me seeing my wife wanking herself was a real turn on.

At this John turned around 69 licking and sucking the juices flowing out of her cunt his cock inches away from her face, she started to climax then grabbed his cock putting the full length in her mouth wanking and sucking till he was ready to cum.

She must have sensed this he pulled his cock out she grabbed it and swallowed his load now all the years married I've never had a blow job to completion in fact she found sucking my cock distasteful. I thought right now its my turn no foreplay I thrust my cock hard up her she grunted at the suddenness of my urge to fuck her hard which didn't last cumming within a minute.

John quickly took my place feeding his cock easily into her cum filled hole he was more gentle than me and fucked her slowly she loved this pulling him closer with each thrust he did this for more than ten minutes. My own cock was now recovering for seconds but I paused and took hold of John balls helping him to fuck my wife.

Then remembered our school day wanking sessions John wasn't gay but enjoyed playing with another cock that's as far as he would go 'then' but now who knows, well we were about to find out.

He pulled his cock out and greedily stuck it in her mouth to lick the juices off then just when I went to enter my wife for the second time he grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth this was all new to me I've never had a man suck me 'ever' I tried to resist but he held me so I could not move.

After the initial shock I started to relax my wife saw what was happening and put a finger in her arse then two anal sex no never right lube out of the drawer next to the bed.

We all fucked each other till the early hours my arse was sore but my wife even more so, anal for the first time and we all enjoyed it immensely. I see my wife as a total slut she flaunts herself and wants to have sex anywhere much to my delight. We keep in touch with John and look forward to a return visit next month. My wife smiles when I mention his name I wonder why??