Written by friends

2 Nov 2014

If you are reading this you would be best reading the first part of our experience to fully understand what has already taken place. We continued to dine at each others house once a fortnight and it turned out that Helen was not pregnant by Dom. Both Helen and Greg were disappointed but they were going to try again with him. They had not yet arranged a date but asked if we would like to be present again. Kathy looked at me with a devilish smile on her face which said it all, so we said that will be great just let us know when. Greg said he had wanted to see Helen in a black man’s arms for years and to take him inside her, and fill her pussy with his sperm. Although at first Helen had always said no, but over a period of time she had come to want it just as much as he did. They both said that the experience with Dom was all that they had hoped it would be,, and more. The result although disappointing that Helen was not pregnant their sex life has been wild beyond belief. Once again when we got home that night Kathy was like a bitch on heat,, I managed to fuck her three times before being absolutely drained and falling asleep. The next morning Kathy was awake early and woke me up by fondling my cock. As I got hard I entered her soaking wet pussy and she was actually fucking me pushing her self on my cock. I was getting ready to orgasm she noticed this and pulled away from me leaving me a little frustrated. She then took hold of my cock saying do want to cum darling, do you, do want to cum inside me, do you darling ?. She then guided my cock back in her pussy and I sank in with ease right up to my balls, but she held me still. That’s when she started saying would you like to see another man come in me,, would you darling,,, do you want to see me being fucked by another man. Do you want to see my pussy full of another man’s sperm, and watch it running out of me. Do you want me to make you eat it , do you,, tell me you want to eat it, tell me come on tell me, I was now at a heightened state. I cried yes,, yes I want someone to cum inside you I want to eat his cum. Kathy began to orgasm violently like have never seen before. This had the desired affect on me and I came with spurt after spurt deep inside her. After coming back down to earth I asked her if she was serious about another man fucking her and she said no,,,,,, not really. I asked what do you mean not really well I mean no after all its just a fantasy,, is not ?. It was like she was answering a question with a question but I just took it was just a fantasy.

It was when we were at Greg and Helens that they told us that they had been in touch with Dom and that he was going to ring back to arrange the next meeting. They still wanted Helen to get pregnant by him and also that they would be filming it again. Over the next week Kathy was horny has hell she wanted me morning and night and we we not even been watching porn now. What ever was in head was making her hot and she abusing me at every given opportunity. I asked Kathy if she had heard from Helen when Dom was going to be going to Helens, all she said was soon. Then I came home from work on the Wednesday and Greg and Helen were just about to leave so I thought that they must have called to tell us when Dom was coming back. After they left I asked Kathy has a date had been arranged and she looked me straight in the eyes and no. Then she sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to her so I sat down. It was then that she told me that Dom had been that morning and that Greg and Helen had dropped off a copy of the video. She said shall we watch it now so I said ok lets see how good it is. Kathy put the dvd and as it began to play I was shocked to see Helen laying on the bed stark naked, but it was our bed she was laying on. I asked Kathy why were they in our house when she put her finger to her lips and suuuuussshhh. Next minute Dom appeared by the side of the supporting a very well endowed erection. Dom climbed on to the bed his large black cock fully erect as he stroked Helens pussy with it . Helen looked into Dom s eyes and said I am fertile at the moment Dom please impregnate me, give me your baby please. With that Dom s cock disappeared inside Helens pussy until he was in up to his balls. Dom started a slow rhythm then ramming into Helen pussy before slowing again. Dom fucked her for around ten minutes before watching his buttocks clench at the same time Helen orgasmed. Dom shouted this time bitch you will have my baby, my black baby Helen seamed to be in a world of her own. Dom pulled out slowly and has he did he held Helens bum in upwards making sure most of his sperm stayed inside her. Slowly he lowered her bum and thick creamy white sperm flowed from inside of her.

Dom then said just give me ten minutes then I will be ready to go again, wow I thought he really is going to make sure that she has that black baby. But when the camera came back I was dumbfounded to find Helen standing by the side of the bed while her upper body lay on the bed. That though was not what shocked me but Kathy was right next to her,, they both had the their bums in the air and their legs spread wide open while Dom was stood behind them. Dom was fully erect his cock sticking out like a flag pole. He stood behind Helen and slid his cock up her already wet pussy while sticking two fingers up my wife pussy. I said what the fuck and went to get up but Kathy put her arm across me and told me to stay there. Watching my wife getting fingered by this black man was giving me mixed emotions. Firstly one of anger my wife acting like a whore in front of me on film, but there was a stir in my pants as I also found it highly sexual. The moment Dom pulled out of Helen he slid straight up Kathy s pussy, she must have been so wet as he started to fuck her with ease. He was asking is this what you have been waiting for Kathy. She was shouting yes , yes, I want you, I want you. I could hardly believe that my wife would actually go this far. I know we had fantasied about her being fucked but this was happening for real. Dom continued to alternate between the two women but when it came to him shooting his sperm it was inside my wife. The scene stopped then started up again this time Kathy was laying on our bed. Kathy had her arms around Dom s back and she was kissing him with real passion and he was returning the kisses just as seasonally. This was upsetting for me to see my wife betrayal in front of my eyes. But I still wanted to watch. It was like a magnet I had to keep watching. They embraced each other as they made love, it was not just fucking they were so into each other in such a passionate way. Eventually their love making came to a head and Dom emptied his balls deep into my wife’s pussy then the film finished.

Kathy then told me that she had spoke to Helen because since that night at the club she had never been able to get those images out of her head. Even when we were having sex she was imaging it was Dom who was fucking her. So Helen had arranged it to be at our house when I was out at work and they came round about 11am. Then after the filming finished Greg and Helen went home and made a copy of the film but Dom stayed and they spent the rest of the afternoon in bed making love. Kathy said Dom had just left before Greg and Helen arrived with the dvd, and that is when I arrived home. Kathy then leant into me and kissed me passionately on the lips just like she had done with Dom, while kissing me she was rubbing my cock through my trousers. This had me erect and I was fumbling to undo my zip. It was then she lay back on the sofa and pulled me in front of her and slid her knickers to one side. She then told me to kiss her, I was hesitant but she grabbed my head and pulled my face into her pussy. The smell was different to anything I have experienced before but to my own dismay I started to lick her, eating her juice. But this was not just her juice but also sperm from a black man and their was lots of it. After eating her pussy I climbed between her legs and started to fuck like never before. I don’t know why but I asked to call out his name as I had the image of him not fucking but kissing him so passionately. She started whispering Dom , OOORRRR Dom, Dom this had me lasting just seconds. I came filing her pussy where he had been for most of the day with the image of them locked in each other arms. The news from Helen was that she is pregnant but Kathy told me that she has stopped taking the pill and she is pregnant but we do not know who the father is yet. Kathy said after seeing Helen craving dons baby she wanted just like Helen. Now that’s another mountain that I have to climb when the time comes but I still continue make love to my darling wife.