Written by Mike Madders

16 Aug 2010

She tidied herself up and we got in my car and made our way to the restaurant for lunch. I told her how good it was to taste her pussy and how lucky her husband was to have such an able cock sucking wife.... she let slip that his sex drive didnt reaslly match hers but that he was a kind and reliable man... I told her that she was the horniest bitch I had ever fucked...and recounted some of our experiences which followed her separation from her first dull husband! She had a very limited sex life then and boy did she take to it like a duck to water....new lingerie, toys, outdoor sex, perfected her oral skills, tasted cum and had a couple of 3 somes....I could tell that this was making her mind wander and she had clearly got herself back in a bit of a rut. We sat at the table and I flirted with her, touching her leg and telling her about some of my more recent fucks...something which always aroused her... she writhed as I spoke and I said I was looking forward to fucking her later...I said I wanted her all over her beautiful new home....so that whichever room she went in, she would remember being fucked in it... I asked how many rooms she had already been fucked in and she replied bedroom... This was a far cry from the horny slut I knew a few years previosuly who liked nothing better than being taken from behind against the kitchen worktops, or licked out whilst sat on the stairs.

As we drove back, I told her to pull her dress up and let me play with her pussy. It had a strip of hair, whereas she had been bare...I said that needs to go....the hair is coming off when we get back and she smiled and said yes....I want your tongue on my bare cunt..! Hardly the sort of language one expects from a respectable teacher, but then again...she was not always respectable!! We got back and I told her to go and sort herself out and surprise me...

I sat downstairs with a beer and waited, in 15 or so minutes, she appeared, wearing a very short slutty skirt, tight blouse, stockings and heels.No bra and with a wicked look on her face...this outfit was one that she had not worn for years and she reminded me that she'd worn it the night that she'd allowed another buy to watch me fucking her in a hotel as he wanked off. She came over and took my cock out and sucked me hard, and then lay back on the settee and said fuck me....I need fucking hard!! Her cunt was now smooth so I gave it a lick and teased her clit for a moment, and then stripped off and wanked my cock before her face. I then rubbed her clit with my swollen knob and pushed my cock deep into her as she put her stcokinged legs around my waist. i thrust into her and talked dirty, telling her how I was going to use her regularly from now on, and she said 'Promise'??!! i told her how she needed far more cock than she was getting and that sluts like her could never be satisfied with one man...I then bent her over and fucked her from behind, her slutty skirt over her arse as i pounded into her. She loved it hard, always did and she rubbed her clit as I filled her,, moaning and pushing back as i fucked her tight hole. I was close to cumming and told her to kneel before me and put her head back...I then wanked off all over her face and breasts, her blouse covered and cum coating her lips. I took out my phone and took a snap...I showed her and said 'welcome back'....