Written by Mike Madders

17 Aug 2010

having become reaqcuainted with my horny teacher friend, adventures continue. Her husband has returned from his walking holiday and this has made things a little more tricky, but thank God for long summer hols.... I sent her a text yesterday morning and we started flirting...she told me she'd had sex twice over the weekend but was still very horny. I suggested we met for a lunchtime drink in a nice village pub I knew. I arranged to pick her up from a road near where she lived so as not to arouse suspicion and we drove there. She wore a white linen skirt and a red buttoned top, and I immediately thought 'nice easy access' I started to touch her up in the car and when we got to the pub she said her pussy was wet.... we got a drink and sat outside in a quiet corner of the garden. I flirted with her and she got to the point where I was rubbing her swollen clit as she sat at the table.... She said 'i'm so fucking horny, but we can't do anything about it...' I said, wait here.... I knew the landlord did B&B and went to see if I could have a room for the afternoon... he said they were fully booked for the night... he was a guy of around 50, a bit overweight and I often saw him there with his wife, but she wasnt around. I decided to take a punt... I said look...I dont need the room tonight...I need it for a couple of hours this afternoon...how about if I make it worth your while and you can sort the room out later and re-let it.... Ah he said...you just want somewhere to take that blonde you have for a fuck do you!? I said...basically yes...!! he smiled and said, she looks fucking horny...not your wife I take it...although she has a wedding ring on... look, I said...you can make an extra £30 for the room...no breakfast needed, no hassle....how about it. He thought for a minute and said, I have a better idea.... he said you can come to my room....Mrs is away for a week....and I wont charge you if I can watch, and perhaps have a play... I said...deal.. he told me where to go, in through a saide door and up the stairs to a sepearate wing. I went and told Ellie and didnt mention the finer points of the deal.... I took her upstairs and into the room, the bed was a kingsize and the room was very nicely presented. we started to play and she lay back and I started to licke her pussy...she was soaking wet and moaning when the door opened and the landlord walked in...She gasped, and I said...lie down....this si the deal...room is free..!! She said OMG...you bad bastard!! landlord smiled and took his cock out and started wanking at the sight of me licking her swollen wet pussy. She moaned and said, what exactly is the deal...and I said, wait and see. I licked her until she came on my tongue and then told her to strip off down to her sandals...I flung her soaking white thong to the LL and told him there...a momento...he sniffed it and wrapped it around his sock and wanked himself as she sucked my cock. He was having a great time and she was enjoying being watched...she always did...!! I was rock hard and I told her to bend over so I could fuck her tight pussy. I gave her a few good thrusts and then told her to go and straddle his face as she licked my juice covered cock. He lay on the floor, trousers undone and she rubbed her wet pussy onto his face as I fucked her face. I then asked her if she wanted ot be spitroasted again...she looked at me and nodded....before getting on all fours. The landlord thought he had died and gone to heaven as she took his thick cock in her mouth as I fucked her. She moaned loudly as we impaled her from both ends and he soon spurted his cum into her mouth. I had a few more thrusts to go before pulling out and spurting mine over her bare arse and running it in between the cheeks and into her tight arsehole. I thengave her a slap on the arse cheek and told her to go and look at herself in the mirror and tell me what she saw...she replied...I see a horny slut who has rediscivered herself! I then took her home and she texted to say she was cooking hubby's tea and that she was sure that today had been a dream!!