Written by 55active

15 Dec 2010

Just in case you missed parts 1/2. I was fucking my neighbour Lyn for a couple of years but she cooled it not long back. Her friend June called at the beginning of the month and asked if she could wait for Lyn who was expecting her. Once in she said she knew about Lyn and I and that she wanted some fun sex too. I obliged and we had a good time. She told Lyn who called round to gave me a hard time. Well it was cause I fucked her despite her (weak) protest. Now June said she would arrange a 3sum yeh like I thought that would happen after Lyn's reaction. Well today it did. At 930 today I answered the door and the pair of them were on the doorstep. June said that they had come to an agreement if I was going to continue fucking her then Lyn wanted some too.

I stood back and let them in.

All they had on were blouses and skirts which were off in seconds. Lyn sat down and June lifted her skirt and started licking Lyn's cunt. Well I was naked within seconds and Lyn said get the lube out of my bag and grease June's arse. I complied and eased my by now hard cock into her arse as I crouched over June. I was starting to get to the point of cumming when June said pull out slowly. I complied and she told Lyn to lie on the floor she straddled her and told her to lick her cunt while she sucked my cock. I love ATM she said!! She went nice and slowly just keeping me on the boil. After a bit June put on a strap on lay on the floor and Lyn mounted her whilst sucking my cock. Then she lent forward and said fuck my arse you cheating bastard. I lubed up and started fucking her pushing her hard onto and off the dildo. She suddenly came and as I pulled out she turned on to my cock and quickly made me cum as June ate her cunt. After that they continued to eat and fuck each other whilst wanking and sucking me. I cam in there mouths and they swapped cum. We were together for 2 hours that flashed by. Then June said come on Lyn time to leave and let the old sod recover. Next time I will bring some tablets for you and you can expect to amuse us for a couple of more hours. I grinned and said forewarn me and I will have a couple of mated to help me out. We will see she said.

So a nice long bath and lots to look forward too for me and a treat for my pals for Xmas? who knows.