Written by mandap

3 Aug 2010

After reading several stories and getting so turned on I decided to share an experience from a year or so ago with you all.

I had the house to myself for the weekend and made the most of it by going out clubbing with my mate Jo, her boyfriend and some of our friends (all of us in our teens), in the early hours myself, Jo and Rob got a taxi home to my place where we had a few shots and listened to some music in my bedroom before collapsing on my bed and falling to sleep.

During the night I was woken by something, with my head banging I dragged my eyes open only to see Jo in my mirror on the wall opposite on all fours on my bed next to me with Rob behind her slowly fucking her from behind, it was obvious they were trying to do it without waking me up but I could see his long cock shining in the lamp light as he pushed in and out of her, I was soaking at this point and couldn't wait till morning so I could go to the bathroom for a play, after an age he came in side her and they lay down to sleep.

The next day I suggested we go out that night for another session, I was on a mission now so wore a summer dress with a low neck line and hem line not far below my bum, I could see Rob approved as I have always kept myself in shape, during the night I made sure I bought more than my fair share of rounds and added a vodka to Jo's drinks whenever pos, I wanted a fuck and I wanted Rob that night.

We ended up coming home early as Jo was legless and we had to carry her into my house from the taxi and put her on the sofa downstairs, I suggested we go upstairs to drink some more and watch a DVD, upstairs I gave Rob a drink got him to sit on my bed then went to choose a DVD, I knelt on the floor going through my DVD collection sohe got a good view of my arse as my skirt had riden up showing my french knickers and now and again seductively looked back to ask him if he wanted a certain DVD, he took ages to choose but didn't make a move, we settled down to watch Bridget Jones and I practicly sat on top of him but no move, I was running out of ideas.

After about 15 mins he said he wanted to watch something else and went off downstairs to check on Jo so I went on my knees again to find something new, after a minute or so he came back up and sat on the floor behind me and pulled my frenchies down and started rubbing my pussy, I gasped and looked over my shoulder at him, "you wanna get fucked?" he said, I said nothing and he just started finger fucking me hard with two fingers, I was soaking again and after a while he pulled his wet fingers out and slid them one at a time into my bum as I felt his hard cock slide into my pussy, he was bigger than anyone i'd been with before and he started ramming me hard.

After fucking me hard doggy style and cumming over my bum we got naked and I sucked him off until he was about to cum then got him to spunk on my boobs, after what seemed like the whole night having sex in every position my pussy was really sore but he was still gagging for it so I let him rub some baby oil into my bum and then slowly push his cock into me, after a while I felt him tense up followed by the feeling of his hot spunk inside me, we collapsed in each others arms.

The next day we acted as if nothing had happened, despite the fact I could hardly walk! He has come round for fun since when my parents have been away and one one occasion he brought a friend, story to follow, lol