Written by kermit

7 Dec 2014

this is the 2nd time i have written about my wife and my friend geoff, quite some time ago they had a little get together whilst he played poker online. Well move forward 2 yrs here we are again. Geoff came down south to visit us last week to do some building work on our house, we decided to treat him to a nice meal saturday night at a pub we frequent, Claire still holds some horny thoughts for geoff so i made sure she knew that i was happy if things progressed during the evening.Claire was wearing a short clingy dress with holdups no knickers and high heels, we arrived at the pub and took our seats in the restaurant with claire sitting beside geoff and yes im sure this was all pre-arranged by her to get the best possible reaction, during the evening i noticed geoffs eyes looking down to claires lap and im sure he could see lots more than me the jammy git !! when we finished the meal we made our way back to the car and unusually geoff got in the back along side claire, as i was driving my mind was racing with thoughts of what was going on in the back i only know that claire was very quiet apart from some strange slapping noise"s, when we arrived back home i put the kettle on while claire got changed into her pjs or so i thought, she came into the lounge wearing just a little satin negligee and asked if geoff would like a massage, well who would of said no !! he got his clothes off apart from his boxes and settled down on the floor laying on his front, it didnt take claire long to work her magic on geoff and you could tell he was becoming uncomfortable so she told him to turn over. You should of seen her face when she caught site of the lump in his boxers!! right she said now for the front, as she sat on his front with obviously something to wriggle around on she was happy whilst still concentrating on the massage,at this stage both were still clothed to a degree but to she her gyrating on his cock through his boxers was mindblowing. To continue with the events i shall return upon some little incouragement from readers