Written by Peternorth

25 Sep 2012

I recently got back from a holiday with my wife Emma and our friends Mick and Jan we went to a Greek island had a great holiday plenty of Sun, sand, fun and sex.We arrived at our villa, unpacked and as it was early evening made our way to do some food shopping and look around the town we were in. I know Mick my mate has had some fun with my wife Emma and it wasnt unusual to see them lead the way hand in hand as Jan took my hand and off we set.

We got some milk and water and as it was heavy Jan and I took it back to our villa leaving Emma and Mick to browse, we got back Jan put the shopping away as i got ready to go Jan pulled me onto their bed lifted her dress and asked me to fuck her. I didnt want to offend and we had soon done the deed, Jan said how she liked me and how she hoped we would have some more fun, i agreed and said i hoped the same, as she said do you know that Mick wants to fuck Emma.

I denied any knowledge of the idea as i didnt think Jan knew of Micks previous encounters with Emma, as we walked back to join the others Jan chatted telling me Micks hoping to fuck Emma in front of you. Then she added if Mick did that Jan would expect Me to fuck her as well so as the evening progressed i couldnt stop thinking about Jans words. We all had a nice evening and went to our own beds, the next morning Mick was telling Jan and I about a naturist beach nearby so we said we would have a look and we soon set off.

At the beach Mick,Emma and I were soon naked but Jan kept her bikini bottoms on, i went over to chat to her as Mick and Emma played in the sea, Jan said she felt a bit shy i tried to convince her she was lovely and eventually she was naked, she told me i was a nice man as she rubbed my cock as we lay there on the towel. The others had come over to tell us they were going for a walk along the beach i watched as Micks cock swung as he walked and saw Emmas hand reach across to hold it as they walked away as well as to see Emmas toned body.

I had also been busy making Jan cum on my fingers as she wanked me over her stomach, Jan was laid back relaxing as i saw Emma and Mick walking back kissing and stopping to touch each other. They came and sat opposite us i could see as Emma sat back her pussy had been fucked as Micks cum ran out from her and Mick semed to have a bite mark on his neck. They went for 2 more walks that day before we left and on their last return Micks cock looked alot more tired than at the start of the day.

The next day we spent in the pool at the villa topping our tans up as we had decided to have a BBQ that night and the Villa owners son said he would cook for us,he came along later with some Greek food and a mate of his as well. We left them to cook as we relaxed but i noticed Jan and Emma had put bikini tops on, i told Mick and he said we should get them in the pool after some drinks, so some drinks later Emma and Jan were both naked in the pool along with Mick.

I saw him go over to the son and his mate and they chatted and with a definite nod of yes from the 2 lads they took there shirts shorts and off jumped in to chat to Emma and Jan. They exchanged some kisses and had a crafty feel before we all sat around to eat the food. We had some drinks,ate and chatted i could see the lads looking at Jans and Emmas bodies and then Mick said look the boys have erections i think you girls better do something about that as Jan and Emma sat on their laps, they were all soon kissing and feeling each other as Mick and I sat back to watch the show.

The lads pulled 2 sunbed cushions onto the patio and we watched as they made Jan and Emma lie back the lads rolled a durex over their cocks and looking at us for approval we nodded a yes as they both began to fuck our wives. They had soon filled their durex full and after a short rest the boys were ready once again but the son had only 1 durex left Emma gave Mick a wink,i just caught it out of the corner of my eye!

When Emma piped up to say that the 2 boys should have Jan in a spitroast, whereupon Jan was pulled onto all4s as the boys took Jan using her body to fulfil their needs, when i looked away i now saw Mick stood up in front of Emma her hands and lips around Micks hard cock. I looked at Jan who looked shattered as the boys pulled her around to fuck her in various positions she gave me a exhausted smile between positions.

Now i was back to watching Mick as his cock was like a iron bar in front of him i could see why Emma liked him to fuck her, he sat back as Emma straddled him he eased her down until Emma was speared like a fish she slowly moved up n down on him, but i could see in her face as she had cum and began to thrash up and down. I watched as Mick held her moved Emma off him lay her down onto the cushion, he said something to Emma she pulled her legs up and wide as he held his cock pushing it inside Emmas wet cunt after several strokes like that Emma was pleading with him to cum in her.

As Mick carried on so his cock was almost out of Emmas cunt a few more times he told her to pull her cunt lips wide apart, Mick called me to their side and said i know you want to see this Pete! I looked on closely to see his cock spurting his cum into my wifes wet cunt and to see Emmas eyes look in ecstasy as Mick made sure by pushing it all in that none escaped from her pulsing cunt.Well after that Jan was worn out The boys left thanking us for a good evening and Mick had got his wish to see me watch him fuck Emma right in front of me.

We had some more evenings in similar mode but that seemed to be the best night of our holiday, we had some more beach trips with Mick and Emma taking their walks and i even had a walk with Jan before we came back to find their secret spot along the beach. Hope you enjoy reading ,good memories of a good holiday !