Written by Sara

25 Sep 2011

This is an account of something that happened a few years ago. A bit about me I was 32 at the time, still hhe same figure as then 36d2435, tned and fit. I do pole dancing as a hobby and kick boxing. I have a waxed body and love sex, and my husband loves me being fucked by other guys. This happened when we went to stay at a hotel and was attending my husband's friend's fortieth birthday party. It was in a pub opposite Rich's house and we were staying at oine of the hotel rooms next door. We went to Rich's house first for a drink before the party. I was dressed in a low cut blue mini dress, hold ups and a pair of deals, no underwear I always go commando. Anyway Paul Rich's lodger was there he was 24 shaved head very muscular a real rough type, but I must say very attractive. He flirted with me, and as we went over he stroked my arse. Anyway about an hour later I noticed taht paul was not there and asked Rich who said he had been banned from the pub te previous week for a fight and he had gone back to the house. I told my husband I was disappointed and he said go over pretend you have left something at the house. I asked Rich for the key and went back to teh hosue. I went into the sitting room, where I heard the TV on and pretended to be surprised that Paul was there, he said that I was fucking banned and the bastard landlord wont let me stay. I said I was sorry about that, and he said have some wine then he was drink some beer. I sat next to him and made sure he could see my stocking tops, and I was thhinking how sexy he was, and how strong looking, but he was a rough guy. I like bad boys. He said that I looked fuking hot, and I smiled and his hand went to my leg and quickly slid up and I opened my legs and he gave me a very rough deep french kiss and had his other hand groping my tits, and my dress up rouns my waiste, I was feeling a very large and hard cock through his trousers.He pushed my head down to his cock and I undid his flies and he slid his trousers off and revealed a massive and thick cock he was about 10" or more. I started to suck him and deep thraoted as much as I could he was fucking my mouth telling me he knew I would be a fucking whore when he met me, he pulled off me and threw me on the floor and started to fuck me like an animal he was so frenzied and rough pulling my hair and biting my tits and neck, after about twenty minutes he came with a surge inside me. We tidied up and told me he would be in the hotel room at 10pm and to be there. I gave him the hotel door ard and went back to the party, my hsuabnd nticed the mark on my neck and I told him what happened. At 10pm I went to the room and he was on the bed naked drinking beer and told me to get fucking naked bitch. I went down on him and this time he came in my mouth and i swallowed it all, he bent me down and hit my arse with his belt then fucked me and fingered my arse and fucked my arse alternating between my pussy and arse. we fucked for two hours he had me in every position and I had bite marks on my tits and round my pussy and neck my husband came in about 11.30pm and paul said you get the fucking spare bed you wanker I am using this slut tonight. We went on for a ong while going to sleep about 3am, and being woken at 7am for another two hours of being used. we showered and dressed and left afetr a drink at lunchtime with Paul and Rich, before we left Paul took me to the house and fucked me again. I had about four love bites on my neck and bruises on my tits and body and a vey abused arse and pussy with cum leaking out. Rich knew Paul had fucked me and Paul took some pics of me naked and him fucking me, and I think showed Rich after we had left. I never saw Paul again as he was sent to jail a short while later for six months for fighting and never moved back to Rich's place. But I always remember that night of total abusive sex, I was so turned on and loved every second. I still love bad boys and rough sex.