Written by Mrs H

5 Feb 2016

This happened around a year ago. Mr Hangback's friend Phil was over from Australia and was home for a few weeks to see friends and family. They had known each other from university and although not a bad looking guy, Phil was unassuming and shy, and hadn't had a girlfriend since I was introduced to him some 3 years before this happened. We’d been out for something to eat and a few drinks. Mr H had been plying me with sparkling wine, no doubt knowing how horny I get when drunk on it! We got back home and decided to have a night cap in the lounge. The lights were dimmed as the boys were watching a late night movie on TV. I was cuddled up to Mr H on the settee and Phil was sat on an armchair. As they watched the TV Mr H started stroking by body over my bodycon dress. It wasn't' particularly short, but the way my legs were curled up had made it ride up to just below my ass. His hands had made their way over my breasts making my nipples hard in the process down over my back and sides and towards my ass, were Mr H had started stroking and groping it. I glanced over to Phil in the chair and noticed him engrossed in the movie, before looking up to Mr H giving each other a cheeky smile. I moved my hand over his cock and felt that it had already started getting hard under his trousers, I began gently stroking it over his trousers, while his hand made its way to the bottom of my dress manoeuvring it up slightly allowing him to run his finger between my ass cheeks to the bottom of my already wet pussy. He started running his finger on the outside of my thong, easing it aside, before running over my soaking pussy. I glanced over to Phil again and in his drunken haze, hadn't seemed to notice that Mr H was up to. I got lost in the moment as Mr H eased a finger in to my pussy, my eyes were closed and I was enjoying him slowly working his finger in and around my pussy when he suddenly pushed two fingers deep inside making me let out an audible moan. I realised what I'd done and in a small state of panic turned to see if Phil had noticed. He had. Phil looked at me a little uneasy but with an obvious bulge in his trousers which made me think he may have been aware of what had been going on. I'd moved my hand to pull my dress down and looked at Mr H who had a wicked grin on his face. Before I could say anything Mr H said "she's a naughty little bitch when she's had a drink Phil, watching her is far more interesting than this film yes?" Phil laughed and said he was going to call a taxi and leave us to it. Mr H said he didn’t need to do that, and asked him the last time he had had sex, reluctantly Phil replied that it was with his ex, given he hadn't had a girlfriend since I'd known him, I knew that was some time ago! Mr H told him that I get 'really horny and kinky when I've had a drink'. I gave Mr H a playful slap, and told him to stop it, being a little surprised at what he had said. Phil had a smile on his face but looked slightly uneasy, so I told Mr H to stop embarrassing him. By this point I had gotten off the couch to correct my dress. Mr H informed me that we 'had to make sure our guests enjoyed themselves', and slapped me on my ass and told me to come closer to him. He lifted my dress up exposing my thong. Mr H asked Phil if he thought I had a nice ass, to which Phil said I had. Mr H told me that we needed to provide some entertainment for our guest, and instructed me to get on the floor. I wasn't sure were this was going but I was getting turned up at the thought of being naughty. Phil was still sat on the armchair. Mr H told me get on my hands and knees, to which I obliged. With my dress still hitched up over my ass I knelt in a doggystyle position. Mr H started to comment on how good I looked bent over and asked Phil what he thought. Phil had said he thought I looked great which had made me giggle. Mr H then invited Phil to 'come closer'. Phil slowly took himself off the armchair his bulging erection quite evident. A small smile lit up his face as I gave him a cheeky smile in return. At his point Mr H slipped my thong to one side and pushed his fingers in my pussy. "You're a horny little bitch aren't you?" he said, I gave a gentle mmm in response..."What was that" asked Mr H, "I'm a horny little bitch" I'd replied. Mr H told Phil to feel how wet I was. He pushed a finger inside me. They were both stood behind me as Phil fingered me and Mr H spanked my ass a couple of times, telling me how naughty I was being. I was moaning gently with pleasure which was intensified at the thought of being made an object of. I heard belts and zips being undone and Mr H must have then motioned for Phil to step aside as I felt Mr H get on his knees behind me and put the head of his hard cock on my pussy. "It feels even better on your cock" he said, Phil laughed lightly and Mr H pushed his full length in to me and began to fuck me. Phil was stroking his cock to the side of me when Mr H suggested he put it in my mouth. He did so and I began to suck and lick it. I certainly wasn’t expecting this at the beginning of the night! I told you she loves cock, Mr H said to Phil, as by this point I was naturally working my pussy back on forth on Mr H without him having to do anything. Mr H then invited Phil to ‘have a turn at this end’. I felt Phil get up behind me and push his cock in to me, slowly siding the full length in and out. He commented on how good it felt. Mr H had knelt down in front of me and manoeuvred his cock towards my mouth. I wrapped my lips round it and begin sucking while Phil was slowly fucking me. I could feel Phil's cock throbbing inside me when he commented that it felt too good and he couldn’t hold it much longer. I began pushing back on him to make him explode, and he didn’t disappoint as I felt his cock pulsing a huge load inside of me, as he let out a massive groan. He told me that it had felt amazing as Mr H got back up behind me, fucking me hard and fast in my dripping pussy, it wasn’t long before he couldn’t take it any longer and added to my soaking pussy. I felt well and truly used. I asked Phil if he’d enjoyed himself. With a huge grin on his face he said he’d needed that! It certainly felt good to help out a friend in need.