Written by new sissy husband

25 Oct 2008

My wife Jill is 49 years old I am 54 I wasn’t he first man ever to fuck her before we married when she was just 19. In the past while making love she’s has told me how she used to keep her casual boyfriends happy by wanking them and sucking them off. She said that it had to be someone really special before she would let them fuck her. She has never fucked anybody else since we have been married //but I have seen her snogging at parties when she was drunk. I love with all my heart and I think she’s the most lustful woman I’ve ever met. We have great sex and we trust each other complicity,,,, Jill has a girl’s night out every Friday. They go on a pub crawl then at midnight shoot of to a club and she usually comes home tipsy around 1 am. However this night she arrived home at 3 am a lot drunker than normal. I’d waited up for he and she staggered in and crawled up the stairs and flopped onto to bed.

Her loose fitting black flaredskirt she wearing rose up,,, showing off her superb legs and her gorgeous bum. I looked at her and immediately thought about fucking her//// I asked if she’d had a good time and she mumbled that she had. She said that had been dancing at the club with a few lads. I asked who had there been anybody there that we knew// she said Steve ,,, Mike and Andy were there. I asked did she have a dance with any of them”””” yes all of them was her answer. As I snuggled up to her she said oh yeh and Gus//// she mentioned a few more names,,, none of which I knew. I asked her if she had behaved her self// more or less was her reply. What do you more ore less// well Gus was dancing with me and he kept feeling my arse. I hope you told him off /// well no I didn’t actually/// but Gus is my best mate you can’t let him fondle you like that. Ho””” he was doing no harm he was just feeling randy. I’ve know Gus for many years and I know that if he gets the chance he will fuck any woman. I was now concerned that things might have gone further than Jill was telling me.

So I pressed her further to tell me more,,, but she was dropping off to sleep and she was finding the questions funny. I pressed some more,, she said he just kept feeling my arse while we were dancing. I was surprised that she told me this”” as she doubt she would have told me without being drunk. I decided to see what else she would tell me I asked her what else she’d done///she described how Gus pressed his erection into her while dancing. Was he hard” I said.//Oh yess// she said and then told me how she liked the feeling of his stiff cock rubbing against her. Then she shocked by saying”” “ its much nicer to hold She was drifting off to asleep. I needed to know more I could not let sleep yet,, I asked what do mean nicer to hold. He kept telling me what a lustful woman I was/// and that he wanted to eat my pussy.

I thought the dirty bastard”. “he Wanted my wife,,, knowing he is my best mate,, Jill said he wanted to take home// but she refused to go home with him but he was so persistent. So to satisfy his needs she told she would wank him off. I could hardly believe what she was telling me// my heart was racing and I could feel thumping in my chest. I was angry with Gus for taking advantage of my drunken wife/// but I also had one enormous hard in my jeans. Jill told me in her asleepy state that,,, while they danced together danced they ended up snogging. Then he took by the hand into the disabled toilet and pushed his hand up her skirt,, but she pushed it away. I could never be unfaithful to you she told me// because I love you to much. But Gus was very persistent and wouldn’t let me come home. Then she hit me with a it “So in the end” she said to get rid of him, I took out his cock and gave him wank. Did he cum I asked her ho yes loads and loads of it.

I where did he cum in your hand// no I lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties open and he came in my panties /// feel me there still soaking wet. I was totally shocked as I put my hand inside her panties I could feel all the gooey spunk that Gus had deposited there. I rock hard so I unzipped my jeans, took out my dick and pushed it to Jill’s panties// but she said no more please,,,, just let me go to sleep. Is Gus the only man that has done this with you// no there are more“” how many ,, then ? I asked Her reply dumfounded me. Ho I don’t know//lots over the years how many ? I don’t know how many/// maybe sixty or more . Jill drifted off to sleep but for me it was torment as I lay awake half the night wondering what else she might have done and who with. As I lay there imagining what she had been up to all these years//// my cock was hard as iron and I wanked myself off three times before going to sleep.

So on Saturday morning when she woke I asked Has Gus got a bigger cock than me ? what//what are you talking about// last night that’s what I am talking about. Don’t you remember last night you told me that you wanked Gus off and to prove it here are your panties still gooey with his spunk. Oh yeah” she said with a very guilty look on her face//I am so sorry darling. How long has this been going on,, it was just last was her reply/// I’m not just talking about Gus. What ?? Last night you told me that you have wanked off sixty plus men over the years of our marriage. I don’t remember telling you that// no you don’t remember a lot of things do you. Jill said right I will tell you everything but I have never fucked anybody else since we got married and try not to be angry with me. She said you know what its like when out with the girls things happen. No I don’t know// I am never there// well is Gus bigger than me”” yes “he’s bigger than you”. Then she said “but I’ve seen bigger” how big I asked // I don’t know but big and fatter than you.

I then asked if she’d tossed them off //well mostly// why what else have you done// I once sucked a black guy off in his car before he gave me a lift home. Did you swallow it ?/ yes he pushed it down my throat making me gag so I had to swallow. She said is this shocking you//// “ just tell me how many? And is there anyone I know. She then told me that when she went out on Friday nights if anyone paid her attention and they really wanted to screw her/// she would sometimes let them feel her tits, or let them finger fuck her to orgasm. I’m afraid that I have let all the men we know finger fuck me and in return I have wanked them and sometimes let the cum in my mouth. But darling that not really cheating on you//is it ?/ wel yes it is. What she had told her made me feel humiliated and also jealous, and that I wasn’t happy about her letting my mates use her in this way. They would know I was at home while they had a part of my wife.

That made her laugh and she said your enjoying this you horny bastard// then she whipped back the bed quilt and saw my rock hard erection. So she reached over and started to rub my cock and I stoked her pussy with my fingers. we then lay there masturbating each other until we both had an orgasm. Later that day we talked about ground rules if she was going to do anything in the future/// she would phone me before and after/// and if possible bring them home so I could watch. There would be no fucking allowed with anyone we knew and never while she was out on her own. We spent the rest of the day in bed as I fucked her while she told me the details about of what she had done with other men.

Nothing else happened over next couple of months//// as she refused to let men wank her or wank them. That was until we were invited to a wedding which was one hundred miles from where we lived. So we drove down and booked into a motel which was just a short walk from where the repletion was being held. We new some of the people but some we had never met before//// as the night wore on I was pretty much the worse for drink. As I was talking to a couple I noticed out the corner of my Jill flirting pretty heavily with the brides brother who was young enough to be her son. I watched and waited for them to dance and sure enough it was not long before he had both hands on Jill’s arse pulling her into him. This seamed to carry on for quite some time until Jill came over and asked if she could go with Kevin and wank him off. I greed so they went off separately but she never returned/// so I rang her but her phone was switched off.

As the motel was quite near I decided to walk back// as I entered lounge I heard noises coming from the bedroom and the door was wide open. I looked in horror as there was my wife laying on here back on the bed with her legs wrapped around Kevin who was urgently fucking my lovely wife. I went and sat down in the lounge and waited while I could hear them both going through the throws of orgasms. After around twenty minutes Jill came through stark naked and she screamed when she saw me sat there. My god you frightened me to death// I didn’t know you were there// so I see. Jill hurried back into the bedroom where I heard her tell Kevin it was time for him to go. Kevin came out of the bedroom and went straight out the door without even looking in my direction.

I said to Jill that I thought we had an agreement of no fucking anybody with out me being present. I know she replied but I was so horny and he has such a lovely thick cock// and temptation got the better of me //I just had to fuck him. Anyway you know how much you have wanted me to do it // don’t you// yess but not like this. I was sat on the sofa as she walked towards me// then in disbelief she climbed on the sofa and lowered her pussy to my face. Eat me // I cant do that/// he has spunked inside you// yes and you are going to eat me “””NOW”” /// DO IT. It was more like a demand that a request// I had never seen her so aggressive”” gingerly I licked her sodden pussy. I then and found that it turned me on and I actually liked the taste of their mixed juices. I lapped greedily wanting to eat all that was inside her// I could hardly believe that I wanted her more than any other time of our married life. That’s a good boy get it all out// he has filled my pussy twice tonight plus much more. I carried on lapping her pussy until she had one almighty orgasm and I even came// my cock leaking sperm and it had never been touched.

After I had cleaned her completely I asked what she meant by much more/// well if you can handle it I will tell you. I can handle anything now Jill after what you have just done to me// tell me I want hear everything. She then told me that he had asked if she was into water sports// but Jill like my self thought it was skiing or surfing he was talking about. How naive we are//but he told her it was peeing/// and that he wanted to taste her golden champagne. Kevin then told her to squat over his face and let a trickle of pee go into his mouth. As she did this he swallowed it// Jill said that she did this until her bladder was empty,,, and that he drank down every drop from her pussy. What else did you do together ??? Then. well he went to the bathroom and brought back the liquid soap and started to rub it round my bum hole. Then slowly inch by inch he penetrated my bottom which stretched me wide open. After about five minuets he pulled out his cock and pissed inside my bottom until I was full.

Once he had finished he kept me in that position until my bum hole retracted and closed. As I stood up I could feel his liquid seeping from my bottom then he lay down on the bed so he could drink it from me. I would never in my widest dreams believed that my wife could treat me this way// or even worse that I could fine it exhilarating and it only made me want to fuck more. After all the years of marriage and having what we thought to be a normal sex life// we have had our eyes opened to the real world. I now want her to carry on seeing Kevin in the hope that our eyes will be opened even further. We just hope that these are a large part of everyday peoples sex lives and that we are not perverts. And also I now have the feeling of wanted to humiliated all the time by my new found// she said she will consider treating me like sissy. I long for the day that this happens to me but I do not understand why.