Written by Teni

26 Jan 2016

It started with just a suggestion from my husband that I may like to have a boyfriend or lover. I wasn’t shocked as we had acted out many fantasies. He knew my love for lots of sex so we talked about how to make it happen.

We decided I would have sex with another guy alone and eventually we found someone suitable. Although we were both nervous I made a date and went through with it.

The sex itself that first time was underwhelming. The whole scene was hot and sexy, but the guy didn’t rock my world. More importantly, when it was over it was over my husband and I didn’t look at each other differently, we didn’t freak out. It was just sex, and it was fun! That didn’t happen at all. We were every bit as connected and in love with each other as we were before. It changed nothing.

After that first time it was a lot easier emotionally to meet other guys. I started to really enjoy the whole thing.

We usually tried to find ongoing relationships so that we don’t have to keep meeting people. I think that’s probably the worst part, just like typical dating.

The whole process of finding a suitable guy is really hard work. We’d go on adult dating sites and my husband would filter the many of (sometimes creepy) emails for a handful of guys I might be interested in meeting. Then for a while I had an account on Ashley Madison to meet guys on my own.

It was more of the fantasy for us for me to have an ongoing boyfriend. So the guy would know that I was married, but didn’t know that my husband knew. Twisted, I know. Meeting guys on AM felt like dating. Only after meeting a guy for coffee or lunch I’d sometimes go to his car and suck his cock.

Finally, I met a guy I really liked. We dated for most of a year. I won’t lie. It was fun. I would go out on dates and have fun while my adoring husband stayed home and waited for me. I would get so horny getting dressed for a date while my husband made dinner and helped me pick out an outfit for the evening.

I got to experience the fun of being out on the town with another man, getting the thrill of having an affair while knowing that my husband was okay with it. The dates were fun. Musicals, the driving range, dinners. I was dating.

I did those kind of crazy things that married couples don’t do, like going down on my boyfriend in a dark corner of a parking garage. Then rummaging through my purse looking for tissues to wipe his cum off my face before going back inside.

There were several mid-day hotel romps. And I spent my first night alone at a hotel with him. We woke up in the morning next to each other and had dirty, carefree morning sex, dishevelled hair and all.

He took me lingerie shopping and I sent pictures to him from the dressing room, modelling for him and letting him choose what he wanted me to wear. My husband never saw me in those items. Adding to the kink of the whole thing, my husband and I agreed that they weren’t for him.

Eventually it got to be too much. It was fun, and I never developed “feelings” for the other guy. I liked him, but it was just fun and it was still only about doing something kinky with my husband and me. But it was difficult to keep my husband involved in the whole thing. It was always hard to send text messages to my husband during the date since my boyfriend didn’t know that my husband knew.

I’d send an update when we were heading back to the hotel, or when he was in the bathroom. But it’s not like I was doing play-by-play throughout the evening. Meanwhile my husband was at home holding his phone and waiting impatiently for any update. And when I’d get home in the early morning hours after a long evening and several rounds of physical sex, I was usually so tired that I just wanted to go to sleep.

I was too wiped out to immediately answer a bunch of questions about what we did. And I was usually too physically sore to have sex. Eventually it didn’t seem like it was something we were doing together, so I stopped it. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s harder than it sounds.

Still, we sometimes talk about the whole thing during sex. He thinks it’s kinky that there have been moments — things I’ve done, words I’ve whispered or had whispered to me during sex, moans I’ve made — that he will never know. The mystery of the whole thing is hotter and sexier to him, and that makes it hot to me.

We will never stop and we have much more to explore. I am a woman with the best husband and I will do anything for him.